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WATCH: Kerry presses for action on food poverty

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20 July 2017


Last week, I launched Feeding Bristol – our local pilot of Feeding Britain – to tackle food poverty in a city which is amongst the wealthiest in the country, but where a quarter of our kids are living in poverty and 20,000 people relied on foodbanks last year.

This morning, I asked the Tory MP representing the Church Commissioners in the House of Commons about the roles of churches in combating food poverty. I also mentioned that Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, is president of Feeding Britain. Many churches have been doing great work in running food banks and helping provide additional support to food bank users, but I wanted to know whether churches would join us in lobbying the Government about addressing the underlying causes of food poverty, which according to research by the Trussell Trust, are primarily benefit cuts, sanctions and delays, including the six-week waiting period for Universal Credit.

It is wrong to say that it’s simply a case of food bank users needing advice on how to better manage their finances, and I will continue to press the Government on this.


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