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Kerry's work with the Environmental Audit Committee

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02 April 2017


Last week the Environmental Audit Committee made a brief trip to Washington DC as part of its ongoing inquiry into chemicals regulation post-Brexit.

The US system is very different to the EU system, REACH, and given that the UK has signalled its intention to leave REACH, we are looking into alternatives. We met with some of the architects of the new, much stronger TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) which was finally passed last year, forty years on from the previous TSCA.

We also met with the Environmental Defense Fund, the AFL-CIO (the US equivalent of the TUC) and the Environmental Protection Agency – the day after Trump's visit! On a brief tour of Congress the three female MPs on the delegation – Caroline Lucas, Mary Creagh, and me – took the opportunity to be photographed with three pioneers of the US women's suffrage movement.


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