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24 January 2017

This morning, after the Government wasted taxpayers’ money pursuing an appeal, the Supreme Court ruled that the Prime Minister cannot trigger Article 50 – which formally starts the process of leaving the EU – without an Act of Parliament. I welcome the judges' decision, and believe that it is now imperative upon all parliamentarians to give this legislation proper scrutiny, ensuring the rights of our constituents are protected, rather than just allowing it to go through on the nod.

I have set out my own views on the importance of the single market in a post on Sunday, and my concerns about environmental and other protections in questions to Parliament in recent weeks and months. However, aware that the referendum was more than seven months ago, and there are still many unanswered questions about what Brexit would mean for Britain, I want to take this opportunity to ask you what your views are now.

So I have today launched a consultation on questions related to Brexit and would be grateful if, once you have filled it in, you share it with all your friends and family in my constituency.


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