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Breadline Bristol: Helping families eat this Christmas

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12 December 2012
The MP for Bristol East, Kerry McCarthy has pledged to continue her campaign to encourage supermarkets and businesses to donate their surplus, edible food to charities rather than burying it as landfill, into the New Year. Rising living costs, long unemployment and benefit changes mean that many families in Bristol will be turning to foodbanks just to get by this Christmas. Kerry has described the scale of food poverty in the UK has ‘shameful’ accusing the Government of failing to take action to help people who are living on the breadline this Christmas.

Over 200,000 people are expected to turn to a foodbank for help this year. The cost of living crisis is hitting households in Bristol with food prices rising by more than four per cent over the last year. Kerry is urging supermarkets and people in Bristol give generously by donating their surplus food to local foodbanks this Christmas.

Speaking before today’s parliamentary debate on food poverty in the run up to Christmas, Kerry McCarthy said: “When millions of tonnes of perfectly edible food is being dumped by some supermarkets in landfill, the scale of food poverty in the country and in cities like Bristol is truly shameful. Having worked closely with charities like Fareshare and local foodbanks in Bristol, I know they are doing their best to help ordinary people escape hunger in constituencies like mine. I hope supermarkets will consider donating surplus food to these organisations, as it is clear the Government is doing little to help those who find themselves on the breadline this Christmas.”

Mary Creagh MP, Labour’s Shadow Environment Secretary, who is leading the Breadline Britain campaign nationally added:
“This Tory-led Government’s double dip recession is hitting families who are feeling the squeeze from higher food bills, lower wages and welfare changes. It is a disgrace that even though we are the seventh richest country in the world we face an epidemic of hidden hunger, particularly in children.”

If you would like to help your local foodbank, please contact the East Bristol Foodbank by emailing:


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