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- 23 November 2017
On November 10th London’s High Court heard the case of Sky – a dog whose owners, the police and Defra all agreed was well behaved, yet who was at risk of being put down just for ‘looking like’ a pit bull. Her owners had always complied with the required conditions to keep her, yet when they went to Australia and left Sky in kennels, police attempted to put her down without reason. It’s only because the kennel owners challenged this in court that Sky is still alive. Breed Specific Legislation was rushed through Parliament without proper consideration of its potential impacts. It continues to target harmless family dogs for just looking similar to banned breeds – whilst failing to protect the public from violent dog attacks, as the number of dog attacks has risen consistently since the legislation was introduced. The Government needs to ensure that cases like Sky do not continue to happen. This requires switching to an approach that focuses on better training for dog owners, clamping d
- 23 November 2017
At International Trade Questions today I asked the Minister why 99% of UK Export Finance spent on energy goes on the most polluting fuels, and whether that meant he thought his Department was exempt from the Government’s global commitments under the Paris Climate Change Treaty. His incoherent, stuttering response speaks for itself. Unless all Government departments are focused on the need to meet our climate targets, and act accordingly, the Paris Agreement won't be worth the paper it’s written on.
- 22 November 2017
Yesterday I supported a 10-minute Rule Motion which would introduce automatic compensation for cancelled and delayed trains and flights. With the information travel operators have, it should be easy for them to introduce immediate electronic re-imbursements to customers once they cancel a service. At the moment many customers don’t get the money they are owed because it’s made too difficult for them to make a claim. The Bill will now be listed for a Second Reading next year, but is unlikely to become law unless the Government picks it up.
- 22 November 2017
During the EU referendum, the Leave campaign promised an additional £350 million a week would be given to the NHS if we voted out. Today, the Chancellor is putting another £3 billion into planning for Brexit, whilst giving the NHS a one-off payment of £350 million to deal with the upcoming winter health crisis! Last winter the British Red Cross said we were facing a ‘humanitarian crisis’ in our health service. This year NHS England forecasts it to be even worse, and today’s Budget does little to address this.
- 22 November 2017
I’ve written in the Huffington Post today about the risk there will be a steep rise in the price of fruit and vegetables following our withdrawal from the European Union. We need to ensure that people are able to have access to good quality and healthy food regardless of income, and I am lobbying the Government for action to protect and promote this sector.
- 18 November 2017
Lots of constituents have contacted me regarding NHS funding ahead of the Autumn Budget, as they are understandably concerned that our health service is not being given the resources it needs. After seven years of Tory failure, our NHS is at breaking point. I have written to Phillip Hammond to urge him to commit to giving the NHS the billions of pounds of extra funding it needs to ensure that the impending winter health crisis - forecasted by the healthcare watchdog NHS Improvement - is avoided. I sincerely hope that the Government heeds these calls and gives the NHS the money that is desperately required to protect patients and staff and ensure the long-term sustainability of our health service.
- 17 November 2017
Ken Clarke issues a stark warning about the unprecedented powers being granted to the Government in the EU (Withdrawal) Bill which will let them amend, weaken and even repeal crucial EU laws without scrutiny in Parliament after we have carried them over into UK law. With characteristic candour he said that many Tory MPs would relish the opportunity to cut environmental protections and remove workers’ rights post-Brexit. This has been my concern all along and last night in Parliament I pushed my new clause 25 to a vote, as well as supporting the Labour frontbench’s new clause 58, both of which are designed to prevent too much power falling into Ministers’ hands. Sadly, but somewhat predictably, Ken Clarke was the sole Tory rebel against the Conservative whip so the votes were narrowly lost. The Bill is next due back in the House on Tuesday 21st, for day 3 of committee stage, but it’s unlikely day 4 (of 8) will come before December because of the Budget on November 22nd and subsequent d
- 16 November 2017
This week is UK Parliament Week, the aim of which is to engage people from across the UK with Parliament, explore what it means to them and empower them to get involved. As part of this I’ll be giving an assembly to the children at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in my constituency tomorrow morning. I’d encourage all of you to engage with Parliament throughout the year, not just during UK Parliament Week. All constituents are able to contact their MP to arrange a free tour of the Houses of Parliament, or to request tickets to watch debates from the Public Galleries in the House of Commons.
- 15 November 2017
Please click the link for an update on my work, on issues of the upcoming Autumn Budget, Police Cuts, Universal Credit, an update on my Meningitis Campaign, Brexit, Votes at 16 and Modern Slavery.
- 15 November 2017
Public sector workers need more than just a pat on the back. For the last 7 years, pay rises have been capped yet the cost of living has shot up. The Government needs to do more than just pay lip service, and give them they pay rise they deserve. Watch this amusing film from UNISON to learn more.
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