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- 01 December 2015
Kerry's statement ahead of the Commons vote on intervention against ISIL in Syria on 2nd December.
- 18 November 2015
Details of a cheque handover to the Bristol-based charity, Together for Short Lives. This money was raised by the Tony Benn artwork on Kerry's old office building.
- 16 September 2015
Kerry's statement on her new role as Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
- 06 September 2015
Kerry's standard response to queries about her views on the Assisted Dying Bill which is currently before Parliament.
- 04 September 2015
Kerry's statement on the ongoing European refugee crisis.
- 28 August 2015
Information on Kerry's Food Waste (Reduction) BIll, which she is introducing to the House of Commons on 9th September.
- 27 July 2015
Kerry's statement on what happened last Monday at the Second Reading of the Welfare Reform and Work Bill.
- 24 June 2015
Detail about Kerry's questions to the Farming Minister and the Under-Secretary of State for Health about antibiotic resistance in animals, caused by the overuse of these medicines in agriculture.
- 05 June 2015
An update on action that Kerry has taken in response to concerns about fundraising activities, prompted by the death of Olive Cooke.
- 03 June 2015
Information on the independent parliamentary watchdog's public consultation on MPs' pay.
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