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- 08 January 2018
Today MPs are debating and voting on the Second Reading of the Taxation (Cross-Border Trade) Bill, which looks at customs arrangements post-Brexit. Labour's reasoned amendment sets out why we will not be supporting this bill -…/cm201719/cmagenda/OP18… (Page 5/6) The front page story from yesterday’s Observer also highlights what the mess that will result, with many firms being hit hard by being required for the first time to pay upfront VAT on goods imported from the EU. This yet again shows how ill-prepared the Government is for Brexit, and why they should have carried out genuine impact assessments.
- 05 January 2018
I was recently interviewed by Sky News on the use of animal fur. I called for, initially, better labelling when a product includes fur, and ultimately a ban on the import and sale of all real fur. A lack of clear labelling – and even wrong labelling – is unfortunately widespread. Just last year Humane Society International conducted research that found that many consumers accidentally buy real fur whilst thinking that they’re buying fake. Even worse, it was found that the majority of fur is mislabelled, with real fur being found in products advertised as fake in shops including TK Maxx, Debenhams and House of Fraser – all of which have fur free policies. It’s important to check the label carefully (products with real fur are often confusingly labelled ‘100% acrylic’), and if in doubt contact the store or try to avoid buying items which include fur that could be real or fake. You can watch my interview below
- 05 January 2018
People are rightly concerned, and upset, that John Worboys, who was convicted of 19 charges of rape and sexual assault, and responsible for many more offences, has been released from jail. Myself and 56 other MPs have signed Stella Creasy's letter to the Justice Secretary to request that he investigates the John Worboys parole decision.
- 04 January 2018
This is great news which shows the influence an organised workforce can have. Congratulations to the food workers union, BFAWU, for its long running FastFood Rights Campaign, and full solidarity with the McDonalds workers. Although unemployment is relatively low at the moment, too many companies pay poverty wages and their employees have poor job security. Organised workforces can help fight this trend. I would encourage everyone to join a trade union today -
- 03 January 2018
Sad to see that a winter crisis for the NHS has become the new norm under the Tories.
- 02 January 2018
I’ve written to the Home Secretary urging her to take action to improve the way visa applications are handled. It’s not acceptable how many people are left in limbo, often for years, waiting for UK Visas and Immigration to process their applications. This is in part due to the steep cuts to the Home Office - it’s lost a quarter of its budget - under the Tories, and it causes undue distress for many.
- 26 December 2017
#trailhunting is a cover for the chasing & killing of animals! Don't believe the lies this Boxing Day. #keeptheban Last month I asked the Government a series of Written Questions about what plans they had to legislate on trail hunting. I'm disappointed that they revealed they had no plans to do so and they they made no assessment of the potential impacts on wildlife and their habitats.
- 23 December 2017
Do you have a poor broadband connection? The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is for a limited time offering vouchers worth £500 towards the cost of getting gigabit-ready broadband installed in local homes as part of the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. I would encourage interested residents to get together to apply for the scheme, which is a great opportunity to address the lagging broadband speeds in some parts of Bristol East. Further information on the scheme, including how to contact the suppliers, is available by visiting -
- 22 December 2017
It’s cool to see that under major new reforms announced by Ofcom switching mobile phone provider will become as easy as sending a free text message. Waiting for a PAC code and having to physically swap sim cards is an unnecessary burden, and two in five phone users experienced at least one major problem when switching, while seven in ten encountered at least some difficulty. I welcome reforms such as this one which empower consumers, although it’s a shame it won’t come into effect for another 18 months.
- 22 December 2017
Last week the Foreign Affairs Select Committee published an excellent report on the violence against the Rohingya people in the Rakhine State in Burma/ Myanmar and the UK Government’s response. The report was critical of the Government’s early ‘hesitation and equivocation’ over defining the violence – which does amount to ethnic cleansing and possibly even genocide. I questioned the Committee Chair in Parliament on whether he believed the Rohingya would ever find a safe haven in Rakhine, or whether there was a need to find a permanent home for them elsewhere, as some from the Bristol Muslim community have urged. Clearly the priority at the moment, however, is delivering humanitarian assistance and keeping people safe, whether that be in Burma or over the border in Bangladesh, but longer-term solutions also need to be explored.
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