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- 23 March 2017
Details are still emerging, as the investigations continue and as police patrols are stepped up across the UK.
- 22 March 2017
My first thoughts tonight are with the victims of today’s events, with their family and friends, and with all those were caught up in this dreadful incident, especially the children and young people who were visiting Parliament today.
- 21 March 2017
George Osborne, the former Chancellor, last week was appointed to his sixth job, as editor of one of the country’s largest newspapers, the London Evening Standard. He’s now paid around ten times more for other work than he is as an MP.
- 16 March 2017
The market simply isn't working, Kerry tells House of Commons, after price rises of up to 15% from the Big Six energy companies leave Bristolians struggling more than usual with fuel bills.
- 13 March 2017
EU nationals are part of the community here in Bristol East and many have made their lives here: they deserve a guarantee that they can stay - and so do the UK citizens living across the 27 other EU member states.
- 10 March 2017
Kerry responds to the tax hike for the self-employed and the rest of the May Government's Budget.
- 07 March 2017
Ahead of International Women's Day, tomorrow, Kerry shows her support for the campaign working to close the gender gap in education given 130m girls around the world are not in school.
- 07 March 2017
BBC reports have suggested that, despite budget cuts to every single school in Kerry's constituency, the Government has somehow found £320m to reintroduce grammar schools by the back door.
- 03 March 2017
A report published today by the House of Commons' Public Accounts Committee showed the cost of electrification has, because of mismanagement by Government and Network Rail, soared by £1.2 billion.
- 03 March 2017
5,000 primates are currently kept as pets across the UK, causing them physical and emotional suffering. The RSPCA and BVA, among others, are calling for a Government ban on the practice.
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