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- 11 September 2017
I am deeply concerned by the news coming out of Myanmar, of violence against the Rohingya Muslim community. The recent news that a top UN Official has described the situation as a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing” is deeply alarming. I am one of 157 Parliamentarians who have signed Rushanara Ali’s letter, addressed to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, demanding an urgent response from the British Government, including reviewing the training provided to the Burmese military and allocating humanitarian resources to stop the violence. This is an issue I have been raising in parliament since my time as shadow Foreign Office minister. The eyes of the world are now upon Myanmar, and the need to act is urgent.
- 10 September 2017
Tom Watson, our shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport announced yesterday that Labour will ban betting companies from having shirt sponsorship deals with football clubs. We know that Britain has a hidden epidemic of problem gambling, where people become addicted to placing bets and end up losing far more than they can afford to, including on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals. There is some concern that this might hit the smaller clubs hardest, but given the devastating impact gambling can have on people’s lives, I think it’s important football clubs aren’t seen to promote it. Let me know if you have other thoughts on it!
- 10 September 2017
Despite the pressures they are facing, nurses are the backbone of our NHS. The pay cap can’t continue if we are to keep the nurses we have, attract new recruits and ensure nursing staff can earn a decent wage. Understaffing in our hospitals and communities is affecting the safety of patients. It’s time for the Government to show its commitment to valuing and supporting nurses – the Chancellor’s autumn budget is an unmissable opportunity to scrap the public sector pay cap.
- 08 September 2017
Following my resignation from the University of Bath’s Court in protest at the Vice Chancellor’s salary and Lord Adonis’ campaign on the issue of high pay and fees at Universities, I am pleased to see that a newly created Office for Students watchdog will force universities to justify salaries higher than that of the Prime Minister, and will publish the salaries of everyone earning above £100,000. This comes following the recent revelation that on top of Bath’s Vice Chancellor £451,000 salary, she was able to claim £18.000 in expenses. At a time of higher fees for students who now often leave University with over £40k debts, and stagnating salaries and increasing demands for academic staff, there should be a greater focus on these high salaries.
- 06 September 2017
-10 September is Organ Donation Week; giving a stranger a new lease of life by donating your organs is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give. If you’re not an organ donor already and want to be, which I really encourage you to do, please go to the attached link to see more. If you’re not sure whether you’re already an organ donor and want to check, you can call the NHS Organ Donor Register on 0300 123 23 23. This week is also an important opportunity for current organ donors to talk with their families about organ donation to make sure they are aware of donor’s intentions. Even if you're on the donor register, doctors often won't go ahead with donation unless your family consents as well. To ensure that donation occurs smoothly, please inform your family and those around you that you want your organs to be donated in the instance of your passing.
- 04 September 2017
Solidarity with the McDonalds workers in Cambridge and Crayford on strike today, for the first time ever in the UK, demanding secure employment contracts and a £10 an hour living wage. #McStrike
- 04 August 2017
Tories drop their manifesto promise of free school breakfasts
- 04 August 2017
The European Union’s Scientific Committee on Veterinary Measures Relating to Public Health found the use of growth hormones in beef production pose a potential risk to human health. Following our withdrawal from the EU, future trade deals with the United States may put this common sense precaution into jeopardy.
- 27 July 2017
The Supreme Court was correct to yesterday rule, in a case brought by the trade union Unison, that fees for employment tribunals are unlawful, Kerry says.
- 27 July 2017
Speaking during a parliamentary delegation to the US focusing on UK-US trade, Kerry calls on Liam Fox to rethink his comments on food safety.
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