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- 05 March 2018
This morning, Theresa May gave a speech on housing in which she said the lack of affordable housing is one of the biggest problems we face. This comes from a Government which has overseen the lowest levels of housebuilding since the 1920s, despite a nationwide housing crisis. Housing lists are vastly oversubscribed, and home-ownership is but a pipe dream for so many. May is also wrong to blame local authorities for low-levels of house building, as councils who do want to build housing are hamstrung by a range of rules, whereas the Government is not. Councils don’t keep all the money from council houses sold under Right to Buy, and a significant amount of the money goes back to the Treasury with each sale. Councils are also unable to borrow in order to fund house-building. Despite this, Labour-run Bristol City Council is set to smash its 2000 homes a year election promise, with 3,500 homes forecast to be built in 2020, of which 1000 will be affordable. When it comes to sorting out
- 03 March 2018
I was glad to be able to speak in support of banning live animal exports during a Westminster Hall debate on Monday. Live exports is a practice that creates a huge amount of cruel and unnecessary suffering for the animals involved. The animals often have to travel hundreds of miles in cramped conditions, with little access to food or water. And even when they reach their destination, this is often in countries with low or non-existent animal welfare standards. It’s good that The Labour Party supports a ban of the practice after we have left the EU, however it’s disappointing that the SNP does not, and that the Government only supports a ban of export for slaughter and not for fattening. You can watch the full debate here:
- 02 March 2018
I recently submitted a Parliamentary Question asking Gove whether he would ban the sale of electronic shock collars for pets. The Scottish and Welsh Governments have already taken action to ban their use, and it's time that Westminster follows suit. Labour’s recent Animal Welfare Plan included a ban on shock collars, and there are also positive reports that Gove is considering introducing a ban. I’m pleased to support Tommy Sheppard’s campaign to introduce a ban and I urge you to sign the petition below.
- 27 February 2018
I welcome yesterday’s announcement that Labour backs a Customs Union with the EU, which is by far and away our largest trading partner. Other countries in Europe but outside of the EU, like Norway, recognise the benefit of maintaining tariff-free trade with the EU, and I am glad that the Labour Party has too. This would ensure that car and aerospace parts can move without any tariff being placed on them whatsoever. The Government’s current policy of taking the UK out of the Customs Union puts this at risk, and all so that it can cut a deal with the United States that threatens our environmental and workplace standards. This shift in policy from Jeremy Corbyn recognises the economic reality that the UK faces as it leaves the EU.
- 22 February 2018
I was shocked, but not entirely surprised, to read the Guardian’s investigation into the appallingly low hygiene standards in the USA’s meat production sector. I was happy to provide a comment for the article, as well as write a letter to Michael Gove and Liam Fox to seek assurance that this ‘dirty meat’ would not find its way into UK supermarkets in the event of a free trade deal being struck after Brexit. Investigators reported incidents including pig carcasses piling up on dirty floors after equipment breakdowns, meat riddled with faecal matter and abscesses, and chicken that had been dropped onto the floor being doused with chlorine before being returned to the production line. This is, to be frank, disgusting. If Gove and Fox don’t provide the public with certainty that this sort of product will be kept out of the UK, then they are putting the health of the public – not to mention countless jobs and businesses – at risk.
- 18 February 2018
I’m pleased to support the Women’s Institute #WIFoodMatters campaign, which is calling on all supermarkets to publish their food waste statistics, across their supply chains, and in a format that is accessible to consumers. As Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Food Waste, I have been an active campaigner for businesses to reduce their levels of food waste. It’s great to see the recent upsurge of interest in the issue, with Tesco pledging to end edible food waste by March 2018 and Aldi pledging to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030. However there is much more progress that needs to be made. Publishing food waste statistics will provide some much needed transparency to the issue, enabling consumers and charities to apply pressure onto businesses.
- 17 February 2018
Please follow the link below to read about the environmental and animal welfare-related work that I have been doing over the last few months. There has been a lot of activity recently on these topics in Parliament. I have sat on Select Committee hearings on the Animal Sentience Bill, green finance, F-gases, disposable plastics and China’s ban on waste imports. I also sponsored a debate on environmental education, as well as speaking in debates on chemicals regulation and the framework for agricultural policy after Brexit, and supporting campaigns for Lucy’s Law and a plastic-free Parliament. You can read all about it here, and sign up if you’d like to be kept informed in future.
- 16 February 2018
Were it not for the battles fought by trade unions we wouldn’t have the weekends, paid holidays, and many other of the workers’ rights we enjoy today. A union gives strength to an organised workforce, which can then demand fair pay and good conditions at work, In the past year we saw McDonald’s staff strike for the first time in Britain and successfully win higher wages, but many challenges still remain. I’m proud to be a representative of the Labour Party which was formed by a collection of trade-unionists, socialists, feminists, and working-class organisations over 100 years ago. I will continue working to support trade unions and strengthen working protections in our changing employment market. Join a union today -
- 15 February 2018
I’ve written a blog for the Huffington Post on Theresa May’s recent visit to China and the UK’s future trading policy should we leave the Customs Union. Striking a trade deal is one of the few times when we can influence China on its human rights record: Beijing’s desire to do trade with the UK gives our Government leverage over the issue of human rights. Yet when visiting the country earlier this month, Theresa May failed to raise either Hong Kong or human rights concerns with her Chinese counterparts. This sets a worrying precedent; recent talks between China and Norway were only possible once Norway recognised Beijing’s “One China” policy, which precludes any support for Tibet. Liam Fox, the International Trade Secretary, has demonstrated little interest in the human rights agenda, be it in his dealings with Sri Lanka or Filipino President Duterte, a man nicknamed “the Punisher”. This is why it is so important for Parliament to be able to properly scrutinise trade deals in fut
- 14 February 2018
This morning the Labour Party released its new 50 point plan for protecting and enhancing animal welfare. It’s an exciting and radical set of proposals - and one that I’m proud to support. It covers many of the issues that I have campaigned on over the years, including ending the routine use of antibiotics in farm animals, banning imports of foie gras, ending the badger cull and banning wild animals in circuses. The paper is endorsed by WWF, the League Against Cruel Sports, Compassion in World Farming and Cruelty Free International, showing that Labour truly is the party of animal welfare. From banning fox hunting to introducing the 2006 Animal Welfare Act, Labour has been consistent and steadfast – not dependant on watching the latest TV show, or when looking for a political reinvention, as seems to be the case with Michael Gove and the current Government. Labour is consulting on the plan until the end of May. You can have your say here -…/s/anim
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