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- 12 July 2017
Kerry calls for more resources and asks the Government what it will take for them to realise how stretched emergency services are, after Avon Fire & Rescue has lost a quarter of its force's jobs since 2010.
- 11 July 2017
Many thousands of people, including several of my constituents, were infected with Hepatitis C and HIV from NHS blood products in the 1970s and 80s, and sadly, many have since died as a result.
- 30 June 2017
Together with Bristol's other MPs, Kerry presses the Government to allow local councils to raise more moeny to pay for new housing and improving existing homes.
- 28 June 2017
Kerry signs Stella Creasy's amendment which would allow Northern Irish women to access NHS services - including terminations - without charge.
- 28 June 2017
Kerry votes in favour of amendment to end Government cuts to the police and fire service, and end the public sector pay freeze.
- 28 June 2017
Kerry backs amendment which would guarantee a Parliamentary vote on any final outcome to negotiations and set out proposals to remain within the customs union and single market.
- 27 June 2017
After hundreds of thousands of patients files were lost, or kept in a warehouse instead of going to hospitals, Kerry calls for review of government contracts being awarded to companies who have already failed elsewhere in the public sector.
- 26 June 2017
I joined the Cystic Fibrosis Trust outside Downing Street to make the case for Orkambi, a new drug, to be available on prescription to patients with cystic fibrosis.
- 23 June 2017
Kerry asks Home Secretary to introduce stronger measures to prevent radicalisation, deter and monitor travel, and work more closely with European allies to to combat terrorism.
- 22 June 2017
This morning, during her statement on the Grenfell Tower fire, I asked Theresa May whether the Government will fund any fire safety works which Bristol City Council deem essential and, if they will, when they will pay for it.
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