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- 06 August 2014
I’ve been contacted by dozens of constituents over the past two months regarding their passport applications. It’s frankly unacceptable that families in Bristol East who applied in good time for their passports have had to endure protracted delays, a frustrating lack of response from the Passport Office, and then had to pay another £55 per passport to fast track their applications so that they receive them in time for their holidays.
- 30 July 2014
Under this Government house building has fallen to its lowest peacetime level since the 1920s. Rents are rising faster than wages in Bristol and across the country there are longer housing waiting lists, and fewer low and middle income earners able to buy a home.
- 30 July 2014
Kerry has been contacted by over one hundred constituents regarding the ongoing crisis in Gaza. Here is her reply as of the 30th July.
- 25 July 2014
Kerry has recently been contacted by constituents, concerned that the Government’s plans to introduce a Recall Bill will not go far enough. A recall law would allow voters to potentially trigger a by-election if their MP has been involved in serious misconduct.
- 10 July 2014
I am pleased to support National Transplant Week and its “Spell it Out” campaign to increase organ registration and consent rates. This year’s campaign is focusing in particular on encouraging people to discuss their wishes with their friends and family so that, when faced with the decision at such a traumatic time, it is easier to give their consent and help to save another person’s life.
- 12 June 2014
The Queen’s Speech is always an important occasion, but this year it was also an opportunity for the Government to tackle the huge challenges Britain faces and to address the depths of discontent with the direction of our country which people increasingly feel does not work for them.
- 04 June 2014
The Government also voted down an amendment which would have taken action on ticket touting. I’m the Vice-Chair of the All-Party Music Group and All-Party Group on Ticket Abuse, which campaigns to stop fans being ripped off by ticket touts.
- 30 May 2014
Ed Miliband announced last month that a future Labour Government would take measures to guarantee a GP appointment within 48 hours for those who want one and an appointment on the same day for those who feel it’s necessary. Patients will also have the right to consult a doctor or nurse at their local GP surgery on the same day.
- 29 May 2014
One of my main concerns about this Bill is the inclusion of Clause 119 – the Hospital Closure Clause – which was introduced by the Government after the High Court rejected its proposal to downgrade Lewisham Hospital. The clause will grant the Secretary of State sweeping powers to close hospitals without proper consultation and clinical support.
- 15 May 2014
The consumer rights bill returned to Parliament on the 13th of May. I supported an amendment to the Bill that would have banned letting agents charging fees to tenants. These fees – which average £355 every time a renter moves house - are extortionate and put additional pressure on renters at a time when rents have risen on average by more than £1,000 since 2010.
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