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- 17 June 2013
Instead of feeding starving humans, we funnel huge amounts of crops through the animals we use for food. G8 leaders must call for change at next week's summit, says Kerry McCarthy MP.
- 06 June 2013
Speaking in Parliament today Kerry McCarthy, MP for Bristol East, urged Government Ministers to stop the badger cull. She called on the Secretary of State, Owen Paterson, to visit Somerset and Gloucestershire and meet with local people who are troubled that the cull is inhumane, unlikely to curb bovineTB, and could make the countryside a dangerous place to be as farmers roam around with shotguns at night to shoot badgers.
- 05 June 2013
Kerry McCarthy MP for Bristol East has recorded a video message in support of a new campaign aimed at giving all fostered young people in England the opportunity to remain with their foster carers beyond the age of 18. The campaign, Don’t Move Me, has been launched by leading charity the Fostering Network, with support from MPs from all mainstream political parties.
- 04 June 2013
The MP for Bristol East has today signed the UK’s first regional renewable energy manifesto at House of Commons, urging industry to deliver 34,000 green jobs. In demonstrating her commitment to the development of a world-leading renewable energy industry in Bristol and the wider south west, Kerry pledged to support the growth of green industries, which will bring jobs and growth to the region.
- 20 May 2013
Kerry McCarthy MP has once again pledged her support for carers across Bristol to mark Carers Week. Joining forces with actress Lynda Bellingham in Parliament, Kerry wants to raise awareness of the contribution carers make on a daily basis. This year, Kerry is helping Carers UK promote their new campaign ‘Prepared to Care’ that aims to highlight how the carers in Bristol and the UK are coping and how effectively the Government is supporting carers with their caring responsibilities.
- 17 May 2013
The MP for Bristol East, Kerry McCarthy, has backed The National Autistic Society’s new campaign aimed at improving support for adults with autism in Bristol and across England. One in every hundred adults has autism, meaning there are 300,000 adults in England with the disability. In Bristol, it is estimated 4000 people have autism.
- 15 May 2013
The Government has wasted its opportunity to tackle the soaring cost of living and get the economy growing – that was the message from Kerry McCarthy MP, who has slammed the Government’s ‘very thin legislative agenda’ for the coming year. Speaking in Parliament, Kerry accused the Government of having a ‘lack of will’ in tackling the major challenges facing Britain and expressed disappointment that the Government has abandoned its aim to be ‘the greenest Government ever.’
- 13 May 2013
The MP for Bristol East, Kerry McCarthy, has backed the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s campaign against wildlife crime and is urging her constituents to show their commitment to protecting animals by lending their support.
- 24 April 2013
Last week in Parliament the MP for Bristol East Kerry met some of the UK’s most innovative farmers. They came to parliament, to show MPs the techniques they use and explain their use. The farmers -- 14 in all -- were from a diverse range of farms from dairy to horticulture, traditional mixed farms and even agroforestry, combining trees and crops. They explained the wide variety of techniques they use to ensure their farms are productive and efficient, while also producing a range of benefits to society and the environment. They are also mindful of economic reality, explaining that using farm management methods grounded in biology makes sound financial sense too.
- 18 April 2013
The MP for Bristol East, Kerry McCarthy, has called upon Defence Ministers to review the compensation case of former Royal Marine, Tom Nicoll, who was medically discharged because of permanent damage to his knee caused by years of service to his country.
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