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- 21 September 2017
Thousands of dolphins, porpoises and whales die in UK seas every year by getting trapped in fishing gear. These horrific and unnecessary deaths can be prevented, and I am calling on the Government to work with NGOs, the fishing industry and coastal communities to do much more to reduce and prevent this. I am also supporting the WDC (Whale and Dolphin Conservation) campaign to ensure the UK has strong laws to protect dolphins, porpoises and whales after we exit the EU.
- 19 September 2017
It is shameful that the Government still hasn’t guaranteed the rights of EU citizens in the UK. I support the Citizens Lobby campaign and believe that the UK Government and the EU should grant EU citizens living in the UK and UK citizens living abroad in the EU the assurances they need that they won’t be forced to leave due to Brexit
- 18 September 2017
was pleased to support the Breast Cancer ‘Wear it Pink’ campaign last week. The Wear it Pink campaign runs every year, this year coming up on the 20th of October and I encourage you to take part as it raises money to fund life-saving research. More information of how to fundraise money here -
- 14 September 2017
Over the last 7 years, Government policy has served as to massively increase homelessness. Cuts to local housing allowance and other benefits, the lowest level of house-building since the 1920's at a time of rising rents and house-prices, and swingeing cuts to welfare and mental health-services have all served to exacerbate this problem. I know first-hand through casework the damage that this causes; we need Government investment in house-building and a welfare system adequate to support those in need, and not condemn them to life on the streets.
- 13 September 2017
Labour’s motion on removing the NHS Pay Cap passed the House of Commons without a vote! The Government knew it would lose if it came to a vote on removing the 1% pay cap for nurses, midwives and other NHS staff, so instead of letting it come to that, the Government allowed it to pass unopposed. Whilst it is welcome that the Government has accepted defeat on this, we must now wait for the NHS Pay Review Board to announce in the next few weeks what sort of pay rises these staff are to expect and whether they will receive the fair pay rise they deserve.
- 13 September 2017
Following on from the successful Rally on Saturday, in which over 8,000 people marched to show opposition to further Austerity and to demand Bristol gets the funding and investment it needs, yesterday all the Bristol MPs met with Marvin Rees in Parliament at the launch of the Core Cities Green Paper. The Green Paper sets out what investment and further devolved powers our Core Cities need to ensure they can prosper after Brexit. At the parliamentary event we were told that Michel Barnier, European Chief Negotiator for Brexit, has offered to meet the Core Cities – something which David Davis, despite repeated requests, is yet to do.
- 13 September 2017
Another Opposition motion and another defeat for the Toriest, this time on opposing the planned rise in tuition fees for University students. It looks that depriving the Tories of a majority in June really had a significant impact, Government should now act to stop any further rise past the £9,250 current fee level, as Labour's motion required; they should also review the overall impact of tuition fees and the higher interest rates now charged on student debt.
- 12 September 2017
Last night – or, rather, in the early hours of this morning – I voted against giving the Bill a Second Reading as I believe it is deeply flawed and damaging to our democracy. This is in line with Labour’s manifesto commitment at the recent General Election, to drop what was then known as the “Great Repeal Bill” and replace it with an EU Rights and Protections Bill. It is not about blocking Brexit, but about ensuring that a Brexit deal protects jobs, the economy, fundamental human rights, workers’ protection and environmental safeguards. The decisions that are made during the Brexit negotiations will affect our country for many years to come, and it cannot be right that we give a blank cheque to the likes of David Davis, Boris Johnson and Liam Fox to make deals, without any proper scrutiny. People voted Leave for many reasons, including to empower the British Parliament. But this Bill does not allow the British people, or even the British parliament, to ‘take back control’. As it stan
- 11 September 2017
Following from my resignation from the University of Bath Court in protest at the £450,000 salary of their Vice-Chancellor, yesterday I asked the Universities Minister Jo Johnson whether they are doing enough to challenge undeserved high pay for University Senior Staff.
- 11 September 2017
I’m proud to support Stonewall's Come Out for LGBT campaign, which encourages everyone to be proactive in standing up for LGBT equality at home and abroad. The fight for equality is far from over, with Stonewall’s recent report ‘LGBT in Britain: Hate Crime and Discrimination’ finding that hate crime against lesbian, gay and bi people in Britain has gone up by 80% in the last five years. You can read the report in full here:…/lgbt-in-britain/hate-crime. During the month of October, it’s Stonewall Season – a time to get together and hold events for LGBT equality. There are lots of ways to get involved, from fundraising to raising awareness at work and in educational settings. You can read more about the #ComeOutForLGBT campaign here:
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