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Kerry calls on constituents to respond to Council consultation

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24 June 2017

Bristol Council is in a very difficult financial situation, not of its own making but because of Tory government cuts, as well as mismanagement of the council’s finances by the previous administration.

I hope people will appreciate Marvin’s determination to be as open and honest as possible about the challenges we face, and his desire to make this a genuine consultation. I meet with him regularly to discuss how we can work together to minimise the impact on local communities and services, and will of course be urging him to protect services where possible in East Bristol at every available opportunity – including our libraries.

But let's be clear - the blame for this, and ultimately the solution, lies with central Government. All the city's MPs will be working together to press the Government for the additional resources the city needs. We must continue to argue for a fairer funding settlement from Government, along with other core cities, and the city as a whole needs to pull together to make the case for this.

In the meantime, I encourage everyone to respond to the consultation [click here] on the future of our services – and to, like me, suggest options which have not been presented.


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