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- 08 January 2015
I know lots of my constituents share my concerns about the proposed McDonalds ‘drive-thru’ on Fishponds Road. I have formally objected to the proposals; you can find my full objection in the website post titled 'More information on the McDonalds Fishponds Road application' (15th October). You can also find a link to Clare Fowle’s petition there which has now received over 1500 signatures.
- 07 January 2015
When Chris Bryant was in Bristol last month, just after his appointment as Labour’s new shadow Arts Minister, I took the opportunity to introduce him to some of Bristol arts organisations, so they could discuss issues in the sector and to hear about Bristol’s unique and vibrant arts and culture.
- 05 January 2015
Before Christmas, I raised with Bristol City Council’s Cabinet my concerns about projects recommended for Green Capital strategic grants and about Bristol Green Capital more generally.
- 15 December 2014
I have, over the past few days, been made aware of concerns about the recommendations going to Cabinet for approval on Tuesday 16th, and also have my own concerns. Given the number of applications submitted, which has inevitably meant that some good projects have been rejected, I do not think it appropriate to single out any individual application, but I wish to raise here some general points.
- 09 December 2014
Last weekend I took part in Small Business Saturday and visited several businesses in my constituency. It was great to not only talk to entrepreneurial individuals about the things which they are passionate about, but also about the problems that people face when trying to start up and run a small company.
- 08 December 2014
I’ve continued to oppose phase 3 of the MetroBus BRT scheme, because if its impact on land in east Bristol. The scheme will see a new bridge, slip road and MetroBus junction/ bus stop built at huge public cost – estimated to be £20million – with little discernible improvement to Bristol's notorious traffic problems. If the works go ahead, tarmac will cover much of the allotments and the site of Feed Bristol. This land is amongst the best 3% of all soil and can feed the city in the future.
- 21 November 2014
On the 7th November I attended a community meeting to discuss prostitution in Eastville. I had been contacted by a large number of constituents who believe that prostitution is still quite a significant problem in the area, despite efforts by both the Council and Avon and Somerset Police.
- 15 October 2014
I’ve been contacted by a number of constituents who are concerned by the proposed McDonalds ‘drive-thru’ on Fishponds Road. I have today formally objected to the proposals, you can find my full objection below. However in short, the restaurant is too close to residential areas and three schools, the transport survey the planners have undertaken is flawed - it’s likely that the development will only increase already bad traffic and congestion and finally it will clearly lead to additional noise pollution, litter and unpleasant smells.
- 02 September 2014
A joint statement about the recent crisis in Gaza has today been issued by all four Bristol MPs: myself, Dawn Primarolo, Stephen Williams and Charlotte Leslie. In it, we express our opposition to the Israeli incursion and recognise the importance of now providing humanitarian relief to those Palestinians affected by the conflict.
- 14 August 2014
Several constituents have written to me about Pup Aid, a charity which raises awareness of the horrific practice of puppy farming. Due to separation from their mothers at an early age and poor living conditions, puppies and kittens which have been farmed often end up with health problems or issues related to socialising. However, most people who buy these animals are entirely unaware of how they have been raised.
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