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- 14 March 2016
Details of Saturday's meeting about the campaign to reopen St Anne's Park railway station.
- 29 February 2016
Kerry's message about the closure of three Lloyds Bank branches in east Bristol.
- 26 February 2016
Details of Kerry's discussions with the Mayor about parking issues which may be caused in areas like Brislington due to the construction of Bristol Arena.
- 23 February 2016
Information about changes to the Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) constitution, which would allow private companies known to avoid tax to secure NHS contracts.
- 01 February 2016
Kerry recently met with representatives of the Bristol Zero Tolerance initiative, which aims to make Bristol a city free from gender-based abuse and exploitation.
- 28 January 2016
Kerry's message about funding being secured to improve play areas in both Troopers Hill Field and Dundridge Park.
- 20 January 2016
Kerry's response to the report by the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) into fundraising approaches to Olive Cooke in her later life, which was released today.
- 31 December 2015
A short statement by Kerry on the death of Cllr Ron Stone, who has served as councillor for St George West since 1985.
- 23 December 2015
Details of the opening hours of Kerry's constituency office over Christmas and New Year.
- 21 December 2015
A message of thanks from Kerry to the junior doctors at Southmead Hospital who allowed her to shadow them today.
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