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- 22 September 2017
Just had a fun visit to Wicklea Academy to speak to the Year 3-6 pupils. Lots of tough questions and some which were easier to answer, such as "Is Donald Trump nice?"!
- 21 September 2017
I've just heard that the Lamplighters were successful in their bid for this funding, so look out St George for a Lantern Parade which should happen in February! ??
- 21 September 2017
Last night I was at Colston Hall for its 150th anniversary celebrations, where I said a few words from the main stage about its work on music education, and increasing participation in music. Over the years Colston Hall has seen performances from a huge range of artists, including the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Rachmaninov, the Rolling Stones, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and my favourite band, Joy Division. Sadly I wasn’t there in 1979 to see them!
- 20 September 2017
I'm delighted to be featured in the BBC Wildlife Magazine, as the new Species Champion for the Swift! Swift numbers have been steadily declining in Bristol so ensuring their conservation is something I care deeply about.
- 20 September 2017
Last night I had a productive visit to the Creative Youth Network’s Meadowvale project, which is a weekly session for young people between the ages of 9 and 12. It was great to see the work they do, bringing together children from the local community, offering support as well as play activities, and to speak to the children who use the service. The Meadowvale centre is a valuable community resource and I am supporting efforts to improve the facilities in the building and in the park.
- 09 September 2017
I was deeply disappointed to hear about Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Groups’ (CCGs) proposals to reduce eligibility for NHS fertility treatment. Under new proposals, only women aged between 30 and 35 would be eligible for NHS funded fertility treatment. You can read the proposals in full here:…/fertility-treatment-eligibi…. It is unfair and discriminatory to only allow women aged between 30 and 35 access to NHS funded fertility treatment. This limits women’s chances of conceiving and discriminates against people who can’t afford to pay for private fertility treatment. The CCGs are now holding a consultation on this topic which allows people to share their views about these proposals. The consultation closes on 15 September 2017. I urge all my constituents to make their views heard by filling in the form available via the link above. I have already written to the CCGs personally to voice my concerns at these
- 08 September 2017
Bristol Doors Open Days is a once-a-year chance to look behind closed doors and discover our city’s hidden treasures. For the first time this year, community food projects are opening their doors too. If you’re short of plans for Saturday, I highly recommend heading to Feed Bristol on Frenchay Park Rd, for a chance to take a look behind the scenes at this 6-acre community food growing and wildlife gardening hub. Discover how seeds are sourced and grown sustainably and find out how edible mushrooms make it from the lab to restaurants. Details of this venue and many more can be found on the BDOD website.
- 06 September 2017
No-one should have their experience of school ruined because they are victims of bullying. I am supporting Anti-Bullying Pro’s #Back2School campaign which works to empower young people, professionals and parents to tackle all forms of bullying, online and offline. More details about the campaign and how to get involved can be found on their website here -
- 05 September 2017
Consumers of tuna products and everyone interested in the sustainability of the fishing trade will be very concerned by the revelations that many of the products certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) to have been sustainably caught were actually caught using unsustainable methods. I support the On the Hook campaign, which aims to put pressure on the MSC to change its standards so that the world’s largest tuna fishery is not re-certified, in order to ensure the certification of sustainable fishing is one people can put their trust in.
- 05 September 2017
I’m happy to have signed the pledge to be a Political Advocate for Girls Out Loud, which is a multi-award winning social enterprise on a mission to raise the aspirations of teenage girls in the UK. Girls Out Loud have a focus on introducing girls to real, strong, successful and smart female role models who in turn, share their stories and wisdom to help the girls find their voice, expand their horizons and generally make better life choices. More information about Girls out Loud and the work they do, as well as other Political Advocates, can be found here More information about Girls out Loud and the work they do, as well as other Political Advocates, can be found here -…/our-political-advocates/
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