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- 15 November 2017
Had a lovely and inspirational evening meeting the Bristol City Youth Council last week. Really impressive seeing these dedicated young people trying to bring about positive change in their local communities, and campaigns on issues like better PHSE in schools and opposing discrimination in all its forms. Those opposed to reducing the voting age to 16 should meet some of these guys!
- 10 November 2017
I am aware of the concerns around the possible impact on Thekla of new housing development nearby, and have been in contact with Thangam Debbonaire MP for Bristol West, whose constituency it is in, and Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, about the risk. It appears the planned developments near to Thekla are further away than existing housing and fortunately should not require any new constraints on Thekla to limit noise pollution. We need to tackle the underlying issue which means music venues across the country have come under threat by new developments springing up around them. I am sponsoring a new law that will be introduced soon by John Spellar MP, which will require property developers to take into account pre-existing businesses, like music venues, placing the burden on the developer, not the venue, to make sure that the venues and residents can co-exist in the same area
- 09 November 2017
This week is Living Wage Week. Currently over 5,000 workers in Bristol East are paid under the voluntary Living Wage of £8.75 an hour. That means that the average person living in poverty is working, but still can’t make ends meet. We must end the low pay scandal and ensure all employers pay a fair wage. This would also provide our local economy with a much needed boost, as we would have more people with higher disposable incomes to spend on local goods and services.
- 07 November 2017
The Three Crowns Pub has played a great role as a community pub serving the local residents of St George. Too many pubs across the country are being forced to close, please sign this petition to help save it!
- 05 November 2017
Following on from my article yesterday, it’s great to see Avon and Somerset Police are taking modern slavery seriously and now have three successful prosecutions against people who ran nail bars in Bath, with workers in shameful conditions. We must send the clearest possible signals that treating people in this way is not acceptable, and that exploitative employers will be caught and brought to justice.
- 04 November 2017
I’ve written in the Huffington Post on tackling a growing, but often overlooked, problem in Britain, that of modern slavery. People, who often have been trafficked into the country, speak little English and have no support network, or, in other cases, people with learning difficulties or the homeless and vulnerable, are taken advantage of by exploitative employers. Public attention and government action is necessary to tackle this, and I fully support the efforts of Unseen and Avon and Somerset Police to highlight the problem.
- 02 November 2017
This report by the Huffington Post reveals one of the key reasons action to address the housing crisis is so ineffective; too often developers are able to avoid their responsibility to build affordable housing by using a legal loophole in viability assessments. In Bristol when developers did not use such assessments, 30% of houses were affordable which is bang on Bristol City Council’s target. But for those which did use a viability assessment, only 8% of housing was affordable! This needs to end.
- 02 November 2017
I have been contacted by a constituent who, quite rightly, flags up her anger that it seems sexual harassment and abuse of woman at work and in public places is only now being treated seriously following the revelations about the sleazy - and in some cases, criminal - behaviour of Hollywood directors and actors, and Westminster politicians. I think she is right to feel aggrieved that what she describes as “the experiences of everyday women” are often downplayed or dismissed. There have been announcements this week by the Speaker and by the political parties on what they are doing to make it easier to report abuse and harassment, along with support for those who come forward, and a determination to take action, both in holding perpetrators to account and in stamping out such behaviour. As the very brave Bex Bailey has said this week, it is crucial there is an independent agency to report to. But it is not enough as politicians to put our own house in order; I am determined to do all I
- 01 November 2017
Project Rugby, a new grassroots engagement initiative by England Rugby and Premiership Rugby designed to increase participation in under-represented communities, looks like a great project and I’m glad Bristol Rugby is participating. Watch the video here -
- 01 November 2017
Great news that Paul Stephenson, who led the famous Bristol Bus Boycott in 1963 in protest at the bus companies racist employment practices, is set to be given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Pride of Britain Awards. It was the Bristol Bus Boycott that inspired Tony Benn, the local MP, to push for the Race Relations Act 1965 which was introduced by a Labour government. Particularly in today’s political climate, it’s important we take the opportunity to commemorate those who organise against prejudice and discrimination.
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