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- 24 June 2017
Bristol Council is in a very difficult financial situation, not of its own making but because of Tory government cuts, as well as mismanagement of the council’s finances by the previous administration. We all need to respond to the consultation on the future of our services - including, like me, by suggesting options which have not been presented.
- 23 June 2017
Kerry pushes council to remove caravans, clean up site, and secure it - after bringing Mayor Marvin Rees to see the problems caused first-hand.
- 23 June 2017
Almost 1,500 people in Bristol East donate blood - 1.4% of the people who live here. To mark National Blood Week, Kerry is calling on everyone who can donate blood to register to do so.
- 20 June 2017
Since the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in London, and with dozens of people either dead or missing, many of you have been getting in touch, understandably concerned about fire regulations. This morning, I was with firefighters, councillors and Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol at Butler House – one of the four high-rise blocks in Bristol East – to reassure residents. All 59 council-owned blocks in the city will be visited over the next few weeks.
- 16 June 2017
Today marks the anniversary of the murder of Jo Cox. My thoughts today are with her family, with Brendan and their two children, who, at such a young age, lost their mother in such a terrible way.
- 12 June 2017
Following her re-election on 8 June, Kerry reminds everyone that - regardless of if or how you voted on 8 June - she is always here to help wherever possible.
- 28 April 2017
Kerry's latest newsletter includes updates on her work in Bristol East and Parliament over the last six weeks. Click here for links to Kerry's newsletters from the last year too.
- 26 April 2017
A development on Ebenezer Street, in St George, with parking and other implications for nearby residents, has seen opposition from almost 100 local people, and will go before the Council tonight.
- 25 April 2017
With recent reports of anti-social behaviour and instances of racist abuse in Eastville Park, Kerry is working with local councillors to remove the travellers there.
- 22 April 2017
I have opposed their application for Fishponds Road – which would be in close proximity to several schools, and worsen transport problems on this main road – every step of the way over the last three years.
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