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- 18 August 2017
I would like to extend a huge congratulations to all A-level pupils in Bristol East who received their results yesterday. Whether you exceeded your expectations, hit your target grades, or didn’t do as well as you would have liked, you should be very proud of all you have achieved. Whatever your plans are for the future – university, an apprenticeship, or a well-deserved break - I wish you all the best with the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.
- 14 August 2017
The Lamplighters are looking for support to gain £10,000 of funding for their brilliant community project
- 14 August 2017
I am supporting the 10:10 Campaign calling for greater electrification of our trains; the Government is being incredibly short-sighted by not deciding not to modernise our rail network. Electric trains are better for our environment as they don't give out the pollution of the current diesel engines. They are also quicker and more reliable, offering a better service to passengers.
- 12 August 2017
Kerry has recently been in contact with Bristol Dementia Services, who have produced a film in 6 languages (Urdu, Punjabi, Cantonese, Somali, Polish and English) to help raise awareness around dementia diagnoses.
- 12 August 2017
Innovative thinking, like the launch of the bio-gas bus, is a necessary step we must take in order to reduce air pollution in Bristol.
- 11 August 2017
Whether it's reading for pleasure or for learning, access to books is important for all of us, and libraries play a crucial part in this. Wick Road Library also functions as a community space where people living in Brislington can come together and socialise, or use the computers if they don't have one at home
- 11 August 2017
Making CCTV compulsory is a step in the right direction to ensure slaughter houses are complying with animal welfare law, and workers aren't inflicting unnecessary cruelty. I was an early supporter of this campaign, having seen terrible footage obtained by undercover investigations, but until now the Government had refused to act, so this is very welcome news.
- 10 August 2017
Kerry is thrilled to hear from blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan that 714 Bristol East constituents are on the stem cell donor list. But we can still do more.
- 05 August 2017
I welcome the Government’s announcement that it is putting £3.4 million towards improving roads in the West of England, and in particular, that Scotland Lane, in Stockwood, is one of the roads scheduled for improvements. A crucial road, Scotland Lane is the direct route from Stockwood to Brislington schools, Saint Brendan's College and Bristol Park and Ride, and used by many people getting to work in the morning, but has regularly flooded, meaning long detours. I've been pressing the Council about this, and backed the bid for extra funding. I hope improvement work begins on this road, and others, very soon.
- 28 July 2017
With electrification works cancelled across the north and in Wales, despite Crossrail 2 securing funding, it looks doubtful that the line into Temple Meads will ever be electrified, says Kerry.
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