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- 16 July 2017
Plutus' appeal has been rejected - an important decision for air quality in Brislington, says Kerry.
- 15 July 2017
Local people are building a group to replace the previous Neighbourhood Partnership. If you live in Brislington, you would be welcome to come along on Monday evening.
- 10 July 2017
Proud to have voted for equal marriage, and conscious that there is more to do, Kerry marks Pride in Bristol and pledges to keep supporting LGBT people at every opportunity.
- 07 July 2017
Following a report by the IPCC, systematic failings must be addressed by the police and others, Kerry says.
- 06 July 2017
Plans for 100 more affordable homes in Fishponds - brought about after Kerry, the Mayor, and local councillors met with the developers - are another step towards tackling the housing crisis in Bristol, says Kerry.
- 30 June 2017
Kerry's latest newsletter includes updates on her work in Bristol East and Parliament since being re-elected on 8 June. Click here for links to Kerry's newsletters from the last year too.
- 25 June 2017
Every school in Bristol East is set to lose out under the Government's new funding formula, which Kerry opposes. With Bristol's other MPs, Kerry has asked to meet with the Education Secretary as soon as possible.
- 24 June 2017
Bristol Council is in a very difficult financial situation, not of its own making but because of Tory government cuts, as well as mismanagement of the council’s finances by the previous administration. We all need to respond to the consultation on the future of our services - including, like me, by suggesting options which have not been presented.
- 23 June 2017
Almost 1,500 people in Bristol East donate blood - 1.4% of the people who live here. To mark National Blood Week, Kerry is calling on everyone who can donate blood to register to do so.
- 23 June 2017
Kerry pushes council to remove caravans, clean up site, and secure it - after bringing Mayor Marvin Rees to see the problems caused first-hand.
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