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- 22 February 2018
Sending support to UCU lecturers who are striking today. Academic staff across the country have faced their conditions being eroded, and the most recent pension changes would leave them losing up to £10,000 a year in retirement. Universities must get back around the table and put forward a fair deal.
- 21 February 2018
High energy costs can be a big burden on a weekly budget, and it’s worth checking with your supplier to make sure you’re not paying more than you need to for energy. Too many households struggle with energy costs and can’t afford to keep their houses warm through winter, which is known to cause a range of health problems. Bristol Energy is hosting a free event this Saturday 11am-3pm at Hillfields Library giving advice and practical help on how you can reduce your energy bills. I’d encourage anyone interested in how they can save money to attend.
- 19 February 2018
Cath Moore, who is a resident in Fishponds, was so moved by the plastic waste problem she decided to go plastic free. When she found it difficult to find products locally, she set up a site and shop herself. You can read more about it here on the Facebook page Thangam Debbonaire MP for Bristol West and I have set up to highlight the problem of plastic pollution and some of the solutions. Do check out Cath’s site for those products it's difficult to find in the shops, and give the Facebook page a like if you want to be kept informed.
- 09 February 2018
The link between music and mental health benefits is well known. A new fundraising initiative, Music for the Mind, has been set up with the aim of raising much-needed funds for local Mind charities and to raise awareness of mental health illness. It is hoped that businesses and individuals will affiliate with Music for the Mind, to stage an array of musical extravaganzas across Bristol, Bath and South Somerset as organisers, volunteers or sponsors. To get involved, contact participating Mind charities or download a Music for the Mind fundraising pack from the following website:
- 05 February 2018
As temperatures drop below freezing it’s welcome to see that emergency beds are being made available for the homeless. Many in Bristol are, justifiably, concerned by the number of people sleeping on the streets. While local councils are doing all they can to house the homeless, they are being undermined by a Government which is slashing their budgets and failing to tackle our country’s housing crisis.
- 04 February 2018
Are you a homeowner, landlord or private tenant living in a property without cavity wall/loft insulation? E.ON is currently fitting free insulation to people regardless of energy supplier, in a installation which usually costs around £775 and can save up to £285 a year in energy bil
- 01 February 2018
You may be eligible to get £140 off your electricity bill through the Warm Home Discount if you get the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit or if you are on a low income and meet British Gas’s criteria for the scheme. To find out if you're eligible, you can get in touch with British Gas by: 1) Visiting their website 2) Calling 0800 072 8625 3) Calling 0800 294 8604 for pay as you go energy customers
- 30 January 2018
I’m pleased to see that the winning film in Bristol City Council’s Litter Superheroes competition was from West Town Lane Academy in my constituency. Their entry was filmed and produced by the pupils, and features a team of superheroes teaching people not to drop litter. It’s clear a lot of work went into this, and I hope it will make potential litter-droppers in Bristol think again! The entry can be seen here -
- 24 January 2018
It’s great news that Sky the Pitbull has been saved from being put down, after campaigners successfully fought to overturn a destruction order in court. Sky is legally registered and there has never had any concerns about her behaviour – her only crime was being considered as looking like an illegal breed by the flawed Breed Specific Legislation. In this way, the Dangerous Dogs Act has resulted in hundreds of friendly, family-owned dogs being put down since the legislation was introduced – regardless of whether the dog is well behaved or has a suitable owner. I have been fighting hard against Breed Specific Legislation – most recently writing a series of letters to Ministers both on behalf of Sky and highlighting the legislation’s deficiencies. This issue has strong cross-party support, and the fact that dog bites have increased since the legislation was introduced only shows that it is not fit for purpose.
- 24 January 2018
A few constituents have contacted me regarding fines being issued to dog-walkers who had let their dog off the lead in a public park. Fortunately I’ve now been informed that these fines were issued in error, as they were in places where dogs are permitted to be off the lead, and the fines will be cancelled (and refunded to those who have already paid). Following a Public Space Protection Order the Council issued last October, dogs must now be kept on a lead at all times when on public land, save for some areas which are exempt from the order, which includes most parks. A full list can be seen here –
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