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- 01 November 2017
Project Rugby, a new grassroots engagement initiative by England Rugby and Premiership Rugby designed to increase participation in under-represented communities, looks like a great project and I’m glad Bristol Rugby is participating. Watch the video here -
- 01 November 2017
Great news that Paul Stephenson, who led the famous Bristol Bus Boycott in 1963 in protest at the bus companies racist employment practices, is set to be given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Pride of Britain Awards. It was the Bristol Bus Boycott that inspired Tony Benn, the local MP, to push for the Race Relations Act 1965 which was introduced by a Labour government. Particularly in today’s political climate, it’s important we take the opportunity to commemorate those who organise against prejudice and discrimination.
- 01 November 2017
Bristol has just been named as a UNESCO Creative City of Film, in recognition of our excellence in creative and cultural pursuits and our place on the international film stage! With studios like Aarman Animations, BBC Bristol, Bottle Yard Studios, and 11 international film festivals all based in Bristol, it’s clear to see why we were chosen. Hopefully those responsible for making the decision on Channel 4’s relocation are paying attention…
- 31 October 2017
It was great to speak with the Cable about farming and food policy, and the environmental impact of us leaving the EU. I’m glad they’re giving coverage to these really important issues.
- 31 October 2017
On Friday Parliament will debate whether the voting age should be lowered to 16. Are you a 16 or 17 year old and think it’s important that you are given the vote? Let me know why at
- 29 October 2017
Every Sunday in November Bristol’s 2k Challenge will be happening in parks across the city, including in Eastville Park in Bristol East! The aim is to get as many 4 – 14 year olds running as possible to encourage exercise and good health. Check it out here -…/bristol-2k-challe…/
- 29 October 2017
Voting for The Aviva Community Fund awards is open! They will provide funding of up to £25,000 for local community projects across a range of categories such as health & wellbeing, skills for life and community support. Valuable schemes such as improving the community forest school facilities for Chester Park (…/project/view/17-3337) need your vote! You have 10 votes in total and you can choose to give all 10 to a single project or split them between a number of projects. Search Bristol to see local projects, vote here -
- 19 October 2017
It was great fun visiting Briarwood Primary School last week: a special school which had just been awarded the Gold Standard Artsmark award by the Arts Council for successfully integrating arts learning into their entire curriculum. As well as popping into the classrooms, we also took part in a music session with pupils, making music with iPads as well as more conventional instruments. Thank you Bailey for showing us around the school!
- 17 October 2017
I’ve written for the Huffington Post about why Channel 4 should relocate to Bristol. With our international reputation as a centre of unorthodox creativity and talent, and substantial creative talent pool (of people and companies), Bristol would make an ideal home for Channel 4. Let’s make it happen.
- 11 October 2017
At the weekend I was pleased to have the opportunity to speak at Unite South West’s regional conference, praising Unite’s work as a campaigning union (for example, in highlighting the exploitation of workers by Sports Direct) and discussing how this fits with Labour’s agenda of challenging zero hours contracts, protecting the role of trade unions, and ensuring workers’ rights. I also spoke about Brexit. 37% of Unite members work in the five sectors that have been identified by the Government as potentially most affected by Brexit: the automotive sector; aerospace; pharmaceuticals and chemicals; financial services; and food and farming. I have added my name to a letter to David Davis, calling for the publication of Brexit economic impact studies. As the letter says, we need a full and frank debate about the impact of Brexit on our jobs, economy, trade and living standards, and we cannot do that debate justice unless we have full transparency from the Government. What is it they are tr
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