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- 18 July 2018
It was great to march alongside Bristol’s Mayor, Marvin Rees, and Deputy Mayor, Asher Craig, at Bristol’s Pride on Saturday. So many people turned out to support the LGBT+ community and to celebrate diversity. From fire fighters and police officers, to trade unionists, charities and sports teams like the Bristol Panthers Football Club, there was a huge range of organisations represented.
- 13 July 2018
Just been down to visit the fantastic Help Bristol's Homeless Project. It is an innovative way to provide housing solutions using shipping containers and converting vehicles for people who would otherwise be on the streets. Would appreciate donations or volunteering support, especially from anyone with a trade!
- 09 July 2018
Here’s a lovely story from one of my younger constituents who recently got in touch. Bella is 9 years old and wants to help tackle homelessness. I put her in touch with Help Bristol’s Homeless, a social enterprise which has a housing-first policy in order to deal with the complex reasons people end up on the streets. If you’re inspired by her then please give Help Bristol’s Homeless a donation here -
- 21 June 2018
On Sunday, to mark the end of Men’s Health Week, I was at Blaise Castle to back Prostate Cancer UK’s March for Men. (Along with Sebby the dog and little Eric, pictured below!) It was great to see so many people turn out, with many of the 500 participants taking part in support of fathers with prostate cancer, or in memory of those lost to this terrible illness, which was particularly moving, given that it was Father’s Day. Events like these play an important role in raising awareness of prostate cancer, which affects around 1 in 8 men in the UK. The risks of prostate cancer increase as you get older. Although there is no national screening programme for prostate cancer, if you're over 50 and you're worried about your risk, you are entitled to ask your GP about having a prostate specific antigen (PSA) test to detect for prostate cancer. If you're over 45 but have a higher risk of prostate cancer – because you have a family history of prostate cancer or you're a black man – you mig
- 16 June 2018
In Brislington today with the local Labour Party celebrating the upcoming 70th birthday of our NHS.
- 08 June 2018
It was a pleasure to go to the St Marks Road Grand Street Iftar last night in Easton alongside my colleague Thangam Debbonaire MP for Bristol West. The event was attended by hundreds of people from all walks of life, and I am immensely grateful to Bristol’s Muslim community for putting on such an excellent event.
- 07 June 2018
I’m sending out a Brexit Business Survey to companies across the constituency. As the negotiations continue - and with the Government seemingly unable to agree on this issue of the greatest importance - I want to make sure that businesses in East Bristol have a voice when it comes to Brexit. If you run a business in East Bristol and want to complete a survey or let me know what you think, please get in touch with my office to find out more.
- 30 May 2018
This is brilliant news, we will keep working to try and make Channel 4's move to Bristol a reality! ??
- 26 May 2018
Volunteers’ Week is fast approaching! Held from the 1-7th of June, Volunteers’ Week is an annual chance to celebrate the contribution volunteers make to their communities. From running charity shops, providing support to people who need it, or working in a community organisation, the work volunteers do is crucial and deserves recognition. Most volunteering opportunities can work alongside work or family commitments, and I would encourage anyone who may not have thought about it to consider volunteering in the future. Have a look at events local to you below #VolunteersWeek
- 22 May 2018
I am pleased that my campaign to reduce the usage of single-use plastics has been covered in the Bristol Post. We are destroying our precious planet, and the Government needs to step up its efforts on this. My 4 recommendations on what the Government should do are: 1. Put pressure on the big coffee shop chains to switch to a recyclable cup. The plastic lining used in most disposable hot drink cups cannot be separated from the paper, making them difficult to recycle. In the UK, 99.75 per cent of all coffee cups go to landfill or are incinerated.
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