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- 08 February 2018
It was very worrying to read in today’s Guardian that animals raised for food in America are dosed with five times as much antibiotics than animals raised for food in the UK. The Government has made a trade deal with Donald Trump one of its top priorities for post-Brexit Britain, but this latest revelation lays bare just what is at stake for our farmers and our public health. This is not a niche concern – the World Health Organisation and even former Chancellor George Osborne have warned against the routine overuse of antibiotics: it’s heavily associated with rising resistance to drugs as well as the evolution of seriously harmful “superbugs” leading to severe illness or even death. To take just one example, the use of the drug colistin in the pig industry is leading to a growing resistance of the drug in humans. Yet colistin is used to treat lung infections arising from Cystic Fibrosis, which several of my constituents, as well as my niece, suffer from. Brexit is not a zero-sum
- 08 February 2018
I am pleased to have joined the Alzheimer’s Society’s Fix Dementia Care campaign. While there is no cure or effective treatment for this disease, hundreds of thousands of people with dementia in the UK rely on social care to help with daily tasks such as washing, eating and dressing. With an ageing population and increased prevalence of conditions such as dementia, it’s crucial that we provide the resources and reform our social care system requires. The Government must ensure the needs of those in receipt of social care, including for dementia, are addressed in the Green Paper due to be published this summer.
- 07 February 2018
It’s great to be able to support the Food Foundation’s #vegpower campaign. Currently, 95.5% of teenagers and 80% of adults don’t eat enough veg – and consumption is still declining. This is partially because most vegetables are unbranded and don’t have access to big marketing budgets. So whilst there is huge amount of junk food advertising, there is relatively little for fruit and veg. The Food Foundation and I, as well as other MPs and celebrities including Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver, are therefore asking for the Government, growers and retailers to contribute to a pooled marketing fund. This will enable better advertising for fruit and veg, which will in turn drive up demand and consumption, as well as supporting our farmers.
- 07 February 2018
It was a pleasure to meet with history and politics students from Colston’s School on their visit to Parliament earlier this week. They had lots of questions about my role as an MP, as well as proportional representation, moving to a more modern building and the effectiveness of select committees.
- 06 February 2018
Last Thursday I spoke in a Westminster Hall debate on chemical regulation after Brexit, as well as writing for Business Green on why the Government’s current approach is putting the health of the public, animals and the natural environment at risk. REACH (the EU’s legislative framework for regulating chemicals) maintains 600 staff at the EU Chemicals Agendy, which monitors the estimated 140,000 chemicals currently in the EU market. Establishing a ‘British REACH’ – which gives rise to the unfortunate acronym BREACH! - is neither realistic nor feasible. With new chemicals continually being manufactured, and side-effects to existing chemicals being newly discovered, the social cost of inadequately regulating chemicals, even momentarily, could be huge. I will continue to push the Government to either stay in REACH, or to quickly produce an equally effective alternative. It’s astounding that nearly a year after Article 50 was triggered the Government still has no clear plan.
- 06 February 2018
The process of producing foie gras is barbaric, causing huge suffering for the ducks and geese involved. The animals are force fed massive amounts of food through metal tubes, whilst being kept into tiny metal cages, until their livers swell to 10 times their natural size. Whilst the UK has banned the production of foie gras, it’s still legal to import – and many shops including Harrods and Fortnum & Mason continue to stock it. I’m campaigning for a full ban on imports of foie gras into the UK. As the UK leaves the EU we should close this trade loophole and ban it for good. Please lend your support by signing the petition here: #FoieGrasFreeGB
- 05 February 2018
As temperatures drop below freezing it’s welcome to see that emergency beds are being made available for the homeless. Many in Bristol are, justifiably, concerned by the number of people sleeping on the streets. While local councils are doing all they can to house the homeless, they are being undermined by a Government which is slashing their budgets and failing to tackle our country’s housing crisis.
- 04 February 2018
Are you a homeowner, landlord or private tenant living in a property without cavity wall/loft insulation? E.ON is currently fitting free insulation to people regardless of energy supplier, in a installation which usually costs around £775 and can save up to £285 a year in energy bil
- 03 February 2018
On Thursday the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee released its report on the Animal Welfare (Sentience and Sentencing) Bill, following our recent inquiry. The report makes it clear that the draft Bill was presented to the public in a far from finished state, with key terms in Clause 1, which deals with sentience, left undefined. Whilst higher sentences for animal cruelty to five years are welcome, the vagueness of the rest of the Bill, and the inevitable wrangles over its scope and meaning, will only serve to delay their introduction. The EFRA Committee has therefore recommended that the Government splits the Bill, and deals with sentience and sentencing as the separate issues that they clearly are. I would like both measures to be as ambitious as possible, with legislation on sentience not just protecting the current position under Article 13 of the Lisbon Treaty, but strengthening it.
- 02 February 2018
Surfers Against Sewage has just demanded that the UK parliament cut its use of single use plastics. Freedom of Information requests they submitted revealed that over 1 million coffee cups and 22 thousand plastic straws were used in the Commons and Lords just last year. I was very happy to be able to support the launch of this campaign, which comes after a report was released by the Environmental Audit Select Committee - of which I am a member - that puts pressure on the Government to introduce a 25p ‘latte levy’ on disposable coffee cups. I strictly only use a reusable coffee cup now, and I urge everyone to start making these small changes to their daily routine as well – they cumulatively have a huge impact on protecting the environment from rubbish and pollution.
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