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- 12 April 2018
Last week I met with a number of constituents at my first dedicated advice surgery for autistic people and their families which was held at the Create Centre. This follows my neighbour Thangam Debbonaire MP for Bristol West holding Britain’s first MP surgery specifically for autistic people last September, and a recent backbench debate on Autism Awareness which I attended. Many important themes were raised including a lot on how we can make public spaces more autism friendly, so not being overwhelming in terms of noise and business, and the inclusion of quiet spaces, as well as a lack of relevant support for many autistic people. The National Autistic Society have published advice on the pledges everyone can make for autistic people, in a variety of situations. Please give it a look to find out what small actions could reduce the overload autistic people face.
- 11 April 2018
An investigation by The Bristol Cable has revealed that the number of working days lost to stress or anxiety across North Bristol NHS Trust, University Hospitals Bristol Trust, and the South West Ambulance Service has risen by 41% in the seven years up to the end of 2017, making stress account for the greatest number of working days lost to any type of illness. I have also heard directly from constituents – who work across the health service – about the increased pressures they are facing in their jobs and the impact this is having on their own health and their family life. The Government must do more to address the constant funding and staff shortages that have become the norm over the last seven years and stop taking hardworking and dedicated staff for granted.
- 10 April 2018
This week is Male Cancer Awareness Week. This is really important, as one in three men in the UK say they know nothing about prostate cancer, despite it being the most common cancer amongst men. Over 47,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year – that's 129 men every day. This infographic from the male cancer charity, Orchid, focuses on three key risk factors and the predominant symptoms associated with prostate cancer. I would encourage you to share it to help raise awareness and encourage men to get to know the risks.
- 07 April 2018
I have added my signature to an open letter to the Home Secretary, calling on her to allow 17 year old ‘Stephen’ to stay in the UK. Stephen is just one of the many victims of modern slavery in the UK, having been trafficked here at the age of ten and subsequently enduring years of slavery and abuse. After being rescued by police, Stephen started a new life. He was placed with a loving foster family and started attending his local church and college. But now his right to remain in the UK has expired and he is facing deportation, putting him at risk of being re-trafficked and destroying the life he has built. This Home Office decision goes against its promise to put trafficking victims first.
- 06 April 2018
Yesterday my assistant Marley and I had a fascinating visit to the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity. The Air Ambulance team, staffed by medics, is able to get to someone who has been taken ill or suffered a serious injury and provide emergency care, often much quicker than a ground ambulance which has to get a patient to a hospital. This time can be the difference needed to save a life, and gives a patient the best possible chance of a positive outcome. They were even kind enough to let us into the helicopter! They are a charity and all the work they do is funded from the donations they raise. This is a service anyone may need, and we should all feel safer knowing it is there. I would encourage everyone able to either please donate to the GWAAC, or look at other ways they can help, so they can continue providing their invaluable work
- 31 March 2018
I was recently contacted by a local hedgehog rescue volunteer, and it was really heart-warming to hear about the work they’ve been doing – especially during the recent cold weather. The rescue centres across both Bristol and the UK are doing important work, but unfortunately they’re up against a huge task as currently hedgehogs are not a protected species under the Wildlife Act. This means that whilst it is, for example, an offence to interfere with a birds nest, to interfere with a hedgehog’s habitat doesn’t carry the same legal weight. Defra recently approved the sale of A24 traps in the UK which are used in New Zealand to kill wild species classed as invasive (in New Zealand that includes hedgehogs). With UK hedgehog numbers already dwindling, the last thing the Government should be doing is allowing the sale and use of traps that could accidentally kill hedgehogs here as well. I’d therefore ask that you sign the two petitions below to make hedgehogs a protected species, and t
- 28 March 2018
I was glad to be able to add my name to the League Against Cruel Sport’s petition to support a comprehensive ban on the hunting of animals. Polling repeatedly shows overwhelming support for a hunting ban across the UK. Yet a tiny minority of people continue to openly violate the law without being prosecuted, destroying wild animals and their natural habitats. Labour has, rightly, committed to strengthening the Hunting Act, as well as introducing better enforcement of the laws on hunting. It’s time that the Government takes decisive action on this. Please add your name to the petition below -
- 28 March 2018
I recently asked the Minister what steps he will be taking to prioritise local and organic food in public sector procurement. The Minister’s reply was less than useful, which is unfortunate as there is a huge opportunity to leverage the billions of pounds worth of food and drink used by the public sector to provide opportunities for British food and farmers. It’s a step forward that the new ‘Balanced Scorecard’ guidelines have been introduced for central government departments – however this urgently needs to be rolled out to all public sector bodies as well as hospitals and schools. I recently wrote a letter to Michael Gove on this issue, and I have submitted several Parliamentary Questions. France and Brazil are two of several countries who have been able to make progress on this: in France 50% of public sector procurement of food must come from organic or local farms, and in Brazil at least 30% of food for school meals must come from local or family farms, so why can’t we do t
- 22 March 2018
Households in Bristol are being invited to declare their outside space a #PesticideFreeZone, by local campaigners, Pesticide Safe Bristol Alliance. You can sign their pledge to show your support for wildlife-friendly gardening, and help them reach their goal of signing up at least 1,000 gardens across the city.
- 21 March 2018
Kerry McCarthy 21 March at 15:47 · On Monday I spoke in a Westminster Hall debate on access to the drug Orkambi for people with cystic fibrosis. This is an issue close to my heart as my own niece suffers from this life-limiting illness. A number of constituents have also been in contact with me to tell me about their children, grandchildren and friends’ children who could benefit from this new drug. There is huge public support for this - the petition reached 100,000 signatures in its first 10 days - and this was reflected in the number of MPs who turned up for the debate. Orkambi has the potential to help forty percent of CF sufferers, but the Government is refusing to fund the drug on the NHS as it does not deem it cost-effective. We must not look at the issue of funding new drugs as a crude mathematical calculation but at what it means for people’s lives. We need to see action from the Minister for Health and Social Care on access to Orkambi now, as CF sufferers do not have
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