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- 03 February 2017
More than a quarter of children here in Bristol East are currently living in poverty – and experts expect this number to rise by 2020.
- 02 February 2017
Accommodation provided by private sector companies G4S and Serco has been shown to be infested with rats, bed bugs, and mice. It is not acceptable for anyone, no matter how desperate their plight, to be housed in such conditions, nor it is acceptable for companies to profit from exploiting vulnerable people.
- 02 February 2017
Having these all-important conversations can make a big difference to so many people. The more we talk, the more lives we can change.
- 01 February 2017
Tonight, Kerry will be voting against the Second Reading of the EU (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill.
- 31 January 2017
President Trump is reportedly considering relaxing sanctions against Russia – who have invaded several countries in recent years. In the Commons, I welcomed the extension of sanctions and asked what progress has been made on the ceasefire agreement.
- 30 January 2017
The Second Reading of the Article 50 Bill in the House of Commons is due to take place tomorrow and on Wednesday; further stages are planned for the following week, prior to its scheduled Third Reading on Wednesday 8 February.
- 29 January 2017
Consumers deserve to know what is going into the food they eat - it is wrong that such controversial practices can be kept secret.
- 28 January 2017
In her last speech in the House of Commons before her murder last year, Jo Cox MP argued that Britain should do more to bring an end to the war in Syria – reminding us that, as the eighteenth century Bristol MP Edmund Burke said, ‘sometimes all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.’
- 28 January 2017
Theresa May failed to condemn Trump's latest executive order - which may impact British dual citizens.
- 27 January 2017
Ahead of the Prime Minister's meeting with the new US President today, the Environmental Audit Committee - of which Kerry is a member - has called on her to raise issues of climate change.
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