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- 17 May 2018
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- 15 May 2018
This Mental Health Awareness Week, the Mental Health Foundation is focussing its campaign on stress. Stress is not a mental health problem in itself but it is a key cause of mental health problems like depression and anxiety and is often linked to self-harm and suicide. Research has revealed that in the past year, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. If you feel that stress is having a negative impact on your mental health, it is important to seek help. You can find information on how to manage and reduce stress on the Mental Health Foundation’s website.
- 15 May 2018
I am deeply sorry to hear about the deaths of 60 Palestinians at yesterday’s border protests in Gaza, with thousands more injured. Firing live rounds at unarmed protestors can never be justified and I fully condemn these killings. The Nabka protests commemorate 70 years since the founding of the state of Israel, and the subsequent displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes. I support the existence of Israel, and a two-state solution, but we need to acknowledge that the Nakba created an injustice which has never been resolved and, indeed, has been compounded over the years by illegal Israeli settlements and the Palestinians being forced into ever smaller areas of land. Hamas’ incitement to violence against Israeli citizens is wrong and must be condemned. However, the role of the Israeli Government in the escalation of tensions must also be recognised, along with the provocative and foolish act of the USA in moving its embassy to Jerusalem. Netenyahu’s Gove
- 14 May 2018
This is a wonderful initiative which gives prospective carers the chance to quiz the fostering team and a current foster carer, while also showcasing the real-life stories of those in care and those caring. The roadshow also coincides with The Fostering Network’s Foster Care Fortnight, established to raise awareness about the passion and dedication of foster carers, while also encouraging more people to consider fostering.
- 10 May 2018
Some Bristol mosques have received hateful letters, which are causing deep concern. Superintendent Andy Bennett, the policing commander for Bristol, has written an open letter to Muslim communities, reassuring them that the police take such incidents very seriously and will be deploying staff to mosques to provide visible reassurance to those who may understandably feel vulnerable at this time. Please share with those who are concerned, to help reassure them that hate will not be tolerated in our city and steps are being taken to ensure their safety.
- 10 May 2018
I was glad to speak recently in support of legislation which will require mandatory CCTV in all slaughterhouses. After campaigning on this issue throughout my time as an MP I’m delighted that the Government has finally committed to introducing it. There have been numerous undercover investigations in recent years which have revealed a shocking disregard in animal welfare and food hygiene standards. Only in January 4 people were convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to animals after Animal Aid secretly filmed inside 9 UK slaughterhouses – recording sheep being kicked, hurled onto conveyors and burnt with cigarettes. Unfortunately, such findings are uncovered with depressing frequency – and so the need for CCTV is obvious in order to both stop this behaviour from occurring, and to easily prosecute when they do.
- 01 May 2018
Last Friday I took part in an event at the Exchange, bringing together music venues from across the city. The event was organised and chaired by Thangam Debbonaire MP for Bristol West, and I was joined on the panel by Annie McGann from Savebristolnightlife, Mark Davyd from the Music Venue Trust, Paul Gray and Dave Webster from the Musicians Union, and Tom Kiehl from UK Music. We had a wide ranging discussion about issues affecting music venues in Bristol, including licensing problems, business rates rises, changing patterns of alcohol consumption and minimum pricing, and a lack of engagement with housing developers. We heard about progress being made in parliament, with John Spellar bring forward his “Agent of Change” private members’ bill and talks with Ministers about including this principle in the National Planning Policy Framework. We were also told about Bristol City Council’s work on the night-time economy and how we can ensure grassroots music venues have a voice. Live mu
- 26 April 2018
This week I’m back in Strasbourg in my role as a member of the Council of Europe. Former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott presented a report about ensuring that the main agreements of the Paris agreement on climate change – keeping global warming below two degrees – are met. I spoke in the debate, and talked about how we should be keeping as many fossil fuels as possible “in the ground”, as well as reducing meat consumption if we are to have any chance of combating climate change. Watch a clip of my speech:
- 25 April 2018
Have you ever wondered who made your clothes? How much they’re paid, and what their lives are like? Millions of people make our clothes, but too many of them live in poverty, exploitation or danger. Five years ago the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed killing over 1,100 garment workers. While progress has been made, there is still so much the fashion industry must do to improve pay and conditions for the world’s 75 million garment workers, 80% of whom are women.We can all help drive positive change, by demanding a fair, safe and more transparent industry. I encourage you to watch and share the video below to mark Fashion Revolution Week and ask brands #whomademyclothes.
- 24 April 2018
Huge credit to Bristol's Boston Tea Party Cafés, that will be the first coffee chain in the UK to enforce a complete ban all single use coffee cups later this year. Its owner Sam Roberts, said: "We dream of a future where our children marvel at the fact that pre-2018 we would regularly use a cup once and throw it away". ??
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