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- 26 January 2015
Well over 150 constituents have contacted me about Government proposals in the Infrastructure Bill to remove landowner consent for shale gas drilling and later today I will vote to stop fracking from going ahead, unless a robust regulatory framework is put into place.
- 23 January 2015
We are all deeply concerned by the NHS crisis. At Southmead in particular, the situation seems to be getting worse, with only 78% of patients being seen within 4 hours, and more ambulances queuing up outside, more operations cancelled, and more bed-blocking.
- 13 January 2015
Many of my constituents are likely to have suffered at the hands of ticket touts who shamelessly cash in on peoples’ passion for theatre, music or sporting events. Many will know how difficult it is, trying to book tickets for their chosen event, only to find that it in many cases it sells out within minutes due to thousands of tickets being hovered up by botnets.
- 12 January 2015
I have been actively involved in the campaign to ensure that residential properties due to be built next to The Fleece are adequately sound-proofed, to protect this much-loved music venue from the threat of closure as a result of future noise complaints, as well as ensuring the flats provide decent homes.
- 08 January 2015
I know lots of my constituents share my concerns about the proposed McDonalds ‘drive-thru’ on Fishponds Road. I have formally objected to the proposals; you can find my full objection in the website post titled 'More information on the McDonalds Fishponds Road application' (15th October). You can also find a link to Clare Fowle’s petition there which has now received over 1500 signatures.
- 07 January 2015
When Chris Bryant was in Bristol last month, just after his appointment as Labour’s new shadow Arts Minister, I took the opportunity to introduce him to some of Bristol arts organisations, so they could discuss issues in the sector and to hear about Bristol’s unique and vibrant arts and culture.
- 06 January 2015
I have, understandably, received many emails from people about the recent increase in rail fares. Average ticket prices rose nationally by an average of 2.8% on 2nd January, though this is only the most recent increase in the last few years. It is unacceptable that fares have continued to skyrocket while real wages for the majority of the country have stagnated or decreased.
- 06 January 2015
Yesterday I asked the Home Secretary, Theresa May, about how police officers are now often being used as a service of last resort in mental health cases due to the Government’s spending cuts. In her response, the Minister claimed that the Coalition has taken action on this issue, and that the number of people with mental health problems taken to a police cell as a place of safety has fallen in the last few years.
- 05 January 2015
Before Christmas, I raised with Bristol City Council’s Cabinet my concerns about projects recommended for Green Capital strategic grants and about Bristol Green Capital more generally.
- 22 December 2014
I nearly always manage to speak in Question Times for Energy and Climate Change and Environment, Food & Rural Affairs – issues which I know are of concern to many constituents, as well as priorities of mine. At the last DECC Questions of the year, I quizzed the Government about the Prime Minister’s confirmation the previous day that a future Tory government would remove subsidies for onshore wind – despite the fact it is one of the UK’s cheapest forms of green energy - and didn’t expect any more to be erected without subsidy.
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