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- 30 September 2016
Details of Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support's (SARSAS) recent campaign, One in Five.
- 29 September 2016
A response from Bristol City Council to Kerry about its automated telephone system.
- 26 September 2016
Kerry's statement following the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Leader.
- 22 September 2016
On Monday, Kerry visited Hinkley Point B and C, and EDF's operational centre in Bristol.
- 16 September 2016
Kerry's statement following the Government's u-turns on two proposed changes to welfare, which would have affected supported accommodation like women's refuges.
- 09 September 2016
Kerry's September 2016 newsletter, which covers her work in Bristol during the summer parliamentary recess.
- 05 September 2016
Kerry's response to the announcement about a ban on microplastics in cosmetic products from 2017.
- 05 September 2016
Bristol City Council's response to concerns raised by Kerry about claims on social media that all household recycling in Bristol is going straight to landfill.
- 24 August 2016
Details of the Environmental Audit Committee's report, which was published today, on microbeads in cosmetic products.
- 22 August 2016
Details of a public meeting on Thursday 25 August at Hungerford Community Centre about local traffic problems.
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