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- 30 July 2014
Kerry has been contacted by over one hundred constituents regarding the ongoing crisis in Gaza. Here is her reply as of the 30th July.
- 25 July 2014
Kerry has recently been contacted by constituents, concerned that the Government’s plans to introduce a Recall Bill will not go far enough. A recall law would allow voters to potentially trigger a by-election if their MP has been involved in serious misconduct.
- 10 July 2014
I am pleased to support National Transplant Week and its “Spell it Out” campaign to increase organ registration and consent rates. This year’s campaign is focusing in particular on encouraging people to discuss their wishes with their friends and family so that, when faced with the decision at such a traumatic time, it is easier to give their consent and help to save another person’s life.
- 15 May 2014
A Labour amendment to the Consumer Rights Bill, which would see letting agent fees scrapped was defeated in Parliament on Tuesday. The Government ordered its troops to vote against Labour’s amendment, which was backed by students at both Bristol universities.
- 13 May 2014
New legislation affecting all dog owners in England comes into force today. The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act will clamp down on those who allow their dog to be dangerously out of control or a nuisance in their communities and will close loophole in the law which excludes dog attacks in people’s homes.
- 12 May 2014
Over the past few months, I have been contacted by several constituents whose pets have died after ingesting antifreeze. Most antifreeze products currently sold contain ethylene glycol, a chemical which can be fatal to a pets (particularly cats) in small doses and can even be harmful to young children.
- 23 April 2014
Over recent months I have received numerous emails about the proposed biomass power plants in Avonmouth. Following the recent Big Bike Bash Against Industrial Biomass demonstration, I thought it might be useful to set out here what action I’ve been taking over the last couple of years to take forward local concerns with the Government.
- 10 April 2014
Earlier today I held a debate to highlight the treatment of Cystic Fibrosis in Parliament, an issue that is important not just to me and to my family, but to constituents who have families or friends with cystic fibrosis and have written to me recently in support of the Cystic Fibrosis campaign.
- 24 March 2014
Every year over 1 million people die from a disease that many people consider to have already been eradicated. This World TB Day, 24th March, parliamentarians from around the world have come together to call for renewed action against the disease.
- 09 March 2014
Kerry McCarthy is very concerned by new research from The Children’s Society which reveals that over 3,000 children in poverty in Bristol East are missing out on crucial help that could keep them warm.
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