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- 15 October 2014
I’ve been contacted by a number of constituents who are concerned by the proposed McDonalds ‘drive-thru’ on Fishponds Road. I have today formally objected to the proposals, you can find my full objection below. However in short, the restaurant is too close to residential areas and three schools, the transport survey the planners have undertaken is flawed - it’s likely that the development will only increase already bad traffic and congestion and finally it will clearly lead to additional noise pollution, litter and unpleasant smells.
- 13 October 2014
Parliament returns on October 13th after the conference season recess. On Monday MPs will be voting on a motion to recognise Palestinian statehood, which I will be supporting. There will also be debates this week on devolution, the minimum wage, the NHS, cycling and the national pollinator strategy, as well as questions to the Home Office, the Deputy Prime Minister, DCMS and the Prime Minister, where I am second on the Order Paper.
- 19 September 2014
I am delighted that Scotland has voted to remain in the United Kingdom to stay with us as we fight for the NHS and against poverty and inequality - we are much stronger united than divided.
- 02 September 2014
A joint statement about the recent crisis in Gaza has today been issued by all four Bristol MPs: myself, Dawn Primarolo, Stephen Williams and Charlotte Leslie. In it, we express our opposition to the Israeli incursion and recognise the importance of now providing humanitarian relief to those Palestinians affected by the conflict.
- 28 August 2014
Unfortunately our office lines are down at the moment. Hopefully this will be resolved swiftly, in the meantime you can email email me on or write to me at 326a Church Road, St George, Bristol, BS5 8AJ
- 14 August 2014
Several constituents have written to me about Pup Aid, a charity which raises awareness of the horrific practice of puppy farming. Due to separation from their mothers at an early age and poor living conditions, puppies and kittens which have been farmed often end up with health problems or issues related to socialising. However, most people who buy these animals are entirely unaware of how they have been raised.
- 14 August 2014
The Home Secretary has set up two inquiries into historic allegations of child abuse. One will look into how the Home Office, police and prosecutors handled information given to them about alleged child abuse, and another wider, independent inquiry will look into whether public bodies and institutions fulfilled their duty of care to protect children.
- 14 August 2014
Bristol City Council has approved plans for external changes to a city centre office block paving the way for a large number of flat conversions next to The Fleece, the well-known Bristol music venue. I have been campaigning to stop this move, for fear that noise complaints from new residents could threaten the venue’s future.
- 13 August 2014
I know that passengers using the line between Bristol Temple Meads and London Paddington have been desperate to see efforts to tackle overcrowding, particularly at peak times. I regularly see Standard Class Passengers who have paid for a seat forced to stand or sit on the floor by the toilets, while first class carriages remain empty. This is quite wrong; people who pay for a seat – and the fares are not cheap! - should not be expected to stand.
- 12 August 2014
I agree with those who say it is vital that the public has the right to hold their MPs to account between elections. The expenses scandal led to recall pledges being included in all three main parties’ manifestos but the Coalition's draft bill was hopelessly inadequate and amounted to little more than further self-regulation by MPs.
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