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- 09 July 2018
Here’s a lovely story from one of my younger constituents who recently got in touch. Bella is 9 years old and wants to help tackle homelessness. I put her in touch with Help Bristol’s Homeless, a social enterprise which has a housing-first policy in order to deal with the complex reasons people end up on the streets. If you’re inspired by her then please give Help Bristol’s Homeless a donation here -
- 05 July 2018
Today we celebrate the 70th birthday of our National Health Service. Britain’s universal healthcare system was founded on the three principles: that it would meet the needs of everyone, remain free at the point of delivery, and be based on clinical need, not ability to pay. It became active on Monday the 5th of July 1948.
- 28 June 2018
I've just signed the following pledge, which makes clear that my constituency surgeries are a safe place for all constituents, regardless of their immigration status. "As a member of parliament, I pledge to represent and advocate for all people living in my constituency as equal members of the local community, regardless of their immigration status. My constituency and surgery are safe places and I welcome all my constituents to seek representation free from fear of immigration enforcement. I will not report on anyone who seeks my advice to the Home Office for immigration enforcement and will ensure my office correctly handles sensitive personal information to prevent this from happening.”
- 27 June 2018
The decisions on Monday to give the go ahead for a third runway at Heathrow and to scrap the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon project dealt a double blow to our green economy and climate commitments.
- 26 June 2018
Last week, I attended a 38 Degrees event to hear the case for a small tax rise for our NHS. As we celebrate its 70th anniversary, I know lots of my constituents are concerned about the chronic underfunding of our health service, which is putting patient safety at risk and taking an incredible toll on the morale of our hard working doctors and nurses. A recent survey by YouGov and 38 Degrees found that 66% of the public would be willing to pay an extra 1% on income tax to pay for the health service. The Prime Minister should give the NHS the sustainable funding plan it needs, and go further than the 3.4% rise recently announced, which falls short of the increase called for by health think tanks, NHS providers and doctors.
- 26 June 2018
I was pleased to be a sponsoring member for the recent Westminster Hall debate on ME treatment and research and to speak in the debate, which was well attended by MPs from across political parties.
- 21 June 2018
On Monday, the Department of Work and Pensions announced that people who get the highest rates of Personal Independence Payments (PIP), such as people with long-term or lifelong conditions, won't have to attend annual reviews. This is welcome news for those on the highest level of PIP, as they will now avoid needless and stressful reassessments. On behalf of those claimants who do not qualify for the highest rates, I will continue to lobby the DWP to make the disability benefit system fit for purpose, so that everyone is treated fairly and with respect.
- 21 June 2018
On Sunday, to mark the end of Men’s Health Week, I was at Blaise Castle to back Prostate Cancer UK’s March for Men. (Along with Sebby the dog and little Eric, pictured below!) It was great to see so many people turn out, with many of the 500 participants taking part in support of fathers with prostate cancer, or in memory of those lost to this terrible illness, which was particularly moving, given that it was Father’s Day. Events like these play an important role in raising awareness of prostate cancer, which affects around 1 in 8 men in the UK. The risks of prostate cancer increase as you get older. Although there is no national screening programme for prostate cancer, if you're over 50 and you're worried about your risk, you are entitled to ask your GP about having a prostate specific antigen (PSA) test to detect for prostate cancer. If you're over 45 but have a higher risk of prostate cancer – because you have a family history of prostate cancer or you're a black man – you mig
- 17 June 2018
In response to a public petition there was a debate in Parliament last week on banning fur imports. My contribution to the debate has now been covered in the Bristol Post. Fur farms are already banned in Britain, on the grounds of public morality, and yet we are outsourcing the cruelty to overseas, and allowing fur imports from other countries with lower animal welfare standards. If it’s wrong to have fur farms in this country, it’s got to be wrong to buy fur from farms overseas. Wearing fur is cruel and unnecessary and that’s why I’m calling for a ban.
- 16 June 2018
In Brislington today with the local Labour Party celebrating the upcoming 70th birthday of our NHS.
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