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Ron Stone was born and raised in Bristol and has lived here all his life. He has been the Labour councillor for St. George West since 1985, re-elected without a break for 24 years as a result of his hard work and dedication to helping improve the quality of life for local residents. Ron is the Chairman for Bristol City Council's Licensing Committee, Member of Avon Fire Authority and has sat on Scrutiny Commissions across all Council services. Ron is also the Chairman for St George Neighbourhood Partnership.

Just some of Ron’s achievements include:

• The refurbishment and rebuild of Summerhill Schools
• Delivered a new Play area in the Park, by working with our local schools to change Council policy
• Saving St George School Building for Cultural and Community use
• Had St George Community Association Building built by Avon County Council
• Provided Meadow Vale Community Association with their current building
• Set Up the City wide Street Tree Forum, and won a new budget for those of £100,000 every year.

Not only that but he also regularly helps residents with School Admission problems, Housing Applications, Council Tax demands etc, and holds regular surgeries, providing a 24/7 service to those that need his help.

His success in the June 2009 elections caused one Bristol Evening Post reader to comment:
“Congratulations to Ron Stone in St George West, he has shown that if you work hard for the people in your Ward then you can win voter's support regardless of what is happening nationally”

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