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Kerry McCarthy
Kerry McCarthy
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Welcome to my website. You can use this site to find out how to contact me, or to find out about me and Bristol East. 

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Latest news

19 July 2018
This morning, I raised the case of a family run business in East Bristol that sells extreme sports equipment to over 80 countries – the perfect example that Global Britain is already in existence despite what Boris Johnson may say.
It was great to march alongside Bristol’s Mayor, Marvin Rees, and Deputy Mayor, Asher Craig, at Bristol’s Pride on Saturday. So many people turned out to support the LGBT+ community and to celebrate diversity. From fire fighters and police officers, to trade unionists, charities and sports teams like the Bristol Panthers Football Club, there was a huge range of organisations represented.
One of my constituents has started a petition to ask that student nurses are paid whilst on placement. Currently, student nurses in England have to complete 2,300 hours of clinical practice before they qualify, all without pay. This puts a huge burden on students who have to juggle paid work alongside their studies in order to make ends meet. If you agree that student nurses should be paid for hours worked on placement, please sign and share the petition below.
Just been down to visit the fantastic Help Bristol's Homeless Project. It is an innovative way to provide housing solutions using shipping containers and converting vehicles for people who would otherwise be on the streets. Would appreciate donations or volunteering support, especially from anyone with a trade!
It was great to meet the Women’s Institute and learn about their #EndPlasticSoup campaign. Micro-plastic fibres are tiny strands of plastic shed from synthetic clothing. These fibres are washed into the ocean, digested by marine life, and ultimately end up in our food.
I enjoyed attending Guide Dog’s ‘Street Clutter’ event to learn about the challenges that people with sight loss face when walking the streets. Too often our streets can be cluttered with dangerous obstacles for blind and partially sighted people, or people with mobility issues.
Last week, I was really pleased to win the Best Parliamentary Champion 2018 award for my work to raise the profile of swifts. The Species Champion project asks elected representatives to give voice to ‘at risk’ species – from plants to birds, insects and bats - in policy-making, to focus on the work that is needed to ensure their future survival.

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