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Welcome to my website. You can use this site to find out how to contact me, or to find about more about me and Bristol East. 

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Parliament is currently in recess and Kerry is in Bristol. Today she will be holding a surgery at the Vassall Centrre and also doing a street surgery on the Oldbury Court estate. She will also be holding street surgeries in St George, Stockwood, Brislington and lower Eastville over the next week, and another regular surgery next Friday (29th), as well as visiting community groups and attending events in east Bristol. Parliament returns on 1st September for two weeks, before breaking again for the party conference season. There is likely to be a statement from the Foreign Secretary or the Prime Minister on events in Iraq and Gaza on the Monday, and there will be a debate on the Pup Aid campaign against puppy farms on the Thursday, with other business yet to be confirmed.

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Home Office figures released last month reveal that 470,000 people aged 16-59 used nitrous oxide in the past year, up 100,000 from 2013. The same study found that 7.6% of those aged 16-24 used nitrous oxide in the past year. What is your view on the growing recreational use of Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas)?

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28 August 2014
Unfortunately our office lines are down at the moment. Hopefully this will be resolved swiftly, in the meantime you can email email me on kerry.mccarthy.mp@parliament.uk or write to me at 326a Church Road, St George, Bristol, BS5 8AJ
Bristol City Council has approved plans for external changes to a city centre office block paving the way for a large number of flat conversions next to The Fleece, the well-known Bristol music venue. I have been campaigning to stop this move, for fear that noise complaints from new residents could threaten the venue’s future.
Several constituents have written to me about Pup Aid, a charity which raises awareness of the horrific practice of puppy farming. Due to separation from their mothers at an early age and poor living conditions, puppies and kittens which have been farmed often end up with health problems or issues related to socialising. However, most people who buy these animals are entirely unaware of how they have been raised.
The Home Secretary has set up two inquiries into historic allegations of child abuse. One will look into how the Home Office, police and prosecutors handled information given to them about alleged child abuse, and another wider, independent inquiry will look into whether public bodies and institutions fulfilled their duty of care to protect children.
I know that passengers using the line between Bristol Temple Meads and London Paddington have been desperate to see efforts to tackle overcrowding, particularly at peak times. I regularly see Standard Class Passengers who have paid for a seat forced to stand or sit on the floor by the toilets, while first class carriages remain empty. This is quite wrong; people who pay for a seat – and the fares are not cheap! - should not be expected to stand.


Just before recess I was at a WWF event in Parliament on environmental issues, with rather a large panel of speakers – all male, all white and, with one exception, all middle-aged. I’ve now received an invite to another ‘green’ event, from the Aldersgate Group: a ‘Dragon’s Den’ type event on 11th September with the […]
Later today, after the PM’s statement and a general debate on hospital car parking charges, there will be a debate on “Mitochondrial replacement techniques and public safety”. Here’s a BBC report which explains very simply what it’s about – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-28986843 – and an educational animated video narrated by none other than Bill Nighy http://www.thelilyfoundation.org.uk/animation/ Basically, […]
There’s a review starting on council ward boundaries in Bristol. Due to new housing being built in some areas and demographic changes, some wards are deemed to be far too big – this is particularly an issue in Cabot, Lawrence Hill and Ashley wards – while others are by comparison too small. This could be […]
The Prime Minister is currently in the Chamber giving a statement on the EU Council, Ukraine, ISIS and Gaza. Some had called for parliament to be recalled over the summer to discuss the latter two topics, but it didn’t happen. There’s no mechanism for MPs to force a recall of parliament, it’s entirely in the […]
So… we are back at “work” (more on what I did on my so-called holidays to come later) and I have a new term resolution to start blogging again… we will see whether I manage to stick to it. I’ve just been down to the Chamber for DWP questions, and managed to get in on […]
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