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Welcome to my website. You can use this site to find out how to contact me, or to find out about me and Bristol East. 

It also includes regular updates on issues and campaigns in which I am involved and, in the news section, what I have been doing in Bristol and in Westminster. You can also use this site to access my blog.

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The week ahead

This Monday in Parliament Kerry will be attending a PLP hustings with all three declared candidates for the Labour Party leadership. She then has a question on the Order Paper for Communities and Local Government questions, on homelessness. Questions will be followed by a Home Office statement on the attack in Nice, and then Theresa May/ Jeremy Corbyn will open a debate on maintaining Britain’s independent nuclear deterrent (Trident). Kerry will also be attending a food waste event hosted by Asda and the University of Leeds.

On Tuesday Kerry is hosting an event to mark International Year of the Pulses, with the British Edible Pulse Association. She has a topical question at Treasury questions, which will be followed by the Second Reading of the Higher Education Bill. Kerry will also be attending a reception hosted by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust.

On Wednesday Theresa May has her first outing at PMQs. Kerry will be taking part in the final meeting of the Environmental Audit Committee before recess, and also attending the All-Party Group on Hunger’s AGM.

On Thursday she will be speaking in a backbench business debate on snares, and in the evening will be on the panel for ‘People, Planet and Politics: Any Questions’, chaired by Jonathan Dimbleby, before returning to Bristol for her usual Friday surgery and other meetings with constituents. She will also be meeting with young entrepreneurs taking part in the StartUp Britain Bus Tour.

Note: Parliament is in recess from Thursday 21st July until Monday 5th September.

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The week ahead

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Kerry has sponsored a Bill which calls for tougher sentencing in crimes involving animal cruelty.
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Just by way of an update to Monday’s post… Another invite has arrived. WWF are the culprits again! PRASEG & WWF-UK Event – The economics of climate change policy: what are the overall costs and benefits of the UK meeting its carbon budgets?Wednesday 10 September 2014, 17:00 – 19:00, Committee Room 6, House of Commons […]
Just an update to yesterday’s post on mitochrondial disease. I have to say I was rather surprised to see Professor Robert Winston – now Lord Winston – cited in the motion, as he is usually a leading supporter of genetic research. I’ve now seen a Twitter exchange between him – @profrwinston – and Dr Sarah […]
Just before recess I was at a WWF event in Parliament on environmental issues, with rather a large panel of speakers – all male, all white and, with one exception, all middle-aged. I’ve now received an invite to another ‘green’ event, from the Aldersgate Group: a ‘Dragon’s Den’ type event on 11th September with the […]
Later today, after the PM’s statement and a general debate on hospital car parking charges, there will be a debate on “Mitochondrial replacement techniques and public safety”. Here’s a BBC report which explains very simply what it’s about – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-28986843 – and an educational animated video narrated by none other than Bill Nighy http://www.thelilyfoundation.org.uk/animation/ Basically, […]
There’s a review starting on council ward boundaries in Bristol. Due to new housing being built in some areas and demographic changes, some wards are deemed to be far too big – this is particularly an issue in Cabot, Lawrence Hill and Ashley wards – while others are by comparison too small. This could be […]

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