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24 March 2014
Every year over 1 million people die from a disease that many people consider to have already been eradicated. This World TB Day, 24th March, parliamentarians from around the world have come together to call for renewed action against the disease.
Kerry McCarthy is very concerned by new research from The Children’s Society which reveals that over 3,000 children in poverty in Bristol East are missing out on crucial help that could keep them warm.
Earlier this week, Kerry attended an event in Parliament organised by PupAid, which is campaigning to stamp out the sale of commercially farmed puppies within east Bristol and across England.
Labour is today holding a debate on fixed odd betting terminals (FOBTs), machines which can result in users losing up to £300 a minute.
Whilst the Trussell Trust reported earlier this month that numbers using food banks have tripled this year alone, a rise reflected in Bristol, they also drew attention to the growing number of people handing back food requiring cooking because they cannot afford to heat it. Aren’t we ashamed by this?


Amnesty have launched a new action today to keep the campaign for a comprehensive Arms Trade Treaty in the political spotlight as we enter a crucial phase in the negotiations. Last July I attended the first couple of days of the month-long UN Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty in New York: a frustrating couple […]
Tomorrow a Committee of the Whole House will be considering amendments to the Succession to the Crown Bill. The Speaker hasn’t selected the amendments for debate yet, but looking at those tabled I see that Paul Flynn and Kelvin Hopkins are moving the following new clause, entitled “Civil Partnership”: “In the event of the heir […]
Ok, I’ve been doing shadow FCO things for a couple of hours, (team meeting, prepping for tomorrow’s FCO questions, Douglas Alexander speaking at the PLP on Europe). I’m now about to head into the Chamber for the Welfare Uprating Bill but thought it might be as, if not more, useful to do a quick blog […]
OK, so it was back to Parliament today, although a scrappy sort of day with random bits and pieces in the Chamber and no votes. Very strange not to have any statements on first day back after recess – a sign I suppose that the Christmas/ New Year period was quieter than most. I went […]
I’m not sure how widely it’s known that you can find online Hansard reports within about three hours of when it happens… It’s on the parliament website. Here’s the question I asked the Home Secretary today, and her (OK, in fact pretty good) answer. Kerry McCarthy (Bristol East) (Lab): Over the Christmas and new year […]
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