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15 February 2018
I’ve written a blog for the Huffington Post on Theresa May’s recent visit to China and the UK’s future trading policy should we leave the Customs Union. Striking a trade deal is one of the few times when we can influence China on its human rights record: Beijing’s desire to do trade with the UK gives our Government leverage over the issue of human rights. Yet when visiting the country earlier this month, Theresa May failed to raise either Hong Kong or human rights concerns with her Chinese counterparts. This sets a worrying precedent; recent talks between China and Norway were only possible once Norway recognised Beijing’s “One China” policy, which precludes any support for Tibet. Liam Fox, the International Trade Secretary, has demonstrated little interest in the human rights agenda, be it in his dealings with Sri Lanka or Filipino President Duterte, a man nicknamed “the Punisher”. This is why it is so important for Parliament to be able to properly scrutinise trade deals in fut
This morning the Labour Party released its new 50 point plan for protecting and enhancing animal welfare. It’s an exciting and radical set of proposals - and one that I’m proud to support. It covers many of the issues that I have campaigned on over the years, including ending the routine use of antibiotics in farm animals, banning imports of foie gras, ending the badger cull and banning wild animals in circuses. The paper is endorsed by WWF, the League Against Cruel Sports, Compassion in World Farming and Cruelty Free International, showing that Labour truly is the party of animal welfare. From banning fox hunting to introducing the 2006 Animal Welfare Act, Labour has been consistent and steadfast – not dependant on watching the latest TV show, or when looking for a political reinvention, as seems to be the case with Michael Gove and the current Government. Labour is consulting on the plan until the end of May. You can have your say here - http://action.labour.org.uk/p…/s/anim
During Attorney General Questions I raised the fact that there still hasn’t been a single conviction in the UK for Female Genital Mutilation under laws introduced in 1985 and 2003. There was one unsuccessful prosecution, back in 2014, and another case currently in the courts, but that is all. It has been estimated that 170,000 women and girls are living with FGM and that 65,000 girls aged 13 and under are at risk. The Home Affairs Committee published a report in 2014 which stated that the failure to respond adequately to the had likely resulted in the preventable mutilation of thousands of girls. Speaking in the Commons I praised some of the work that has been done in Bristol to raise awareness of the issue, and asked whether more could be done to encourage the police to investigate and put evidence to the CPS for prosecution. The Government must make preventing FGM a priority, and ensure that the police and CPS are adequately resourced to help tackle the problem.
The link between music and mental health benefits is well known. A new fundraising initiative, Music for the Mind, has been set up with the aim of raising much-needed funds for local Mind charities and to raise awareness of mental health illness. It is hoped that businesses and individuals will affiliate with Music for the Mind, to stage an array of musical extravaganzas across Bristol, Bath and South Somerset as organisers, volunteers or sponsors. To get involved, contact participating Mind charities or download a Music for the Mind fundraising pack from the following website:
It was very worrying to read in today’s Guardian that animals raised for food in America are dosed with five times as much antibiotics than animals raised for food in the UK. The Government has made a trade deal with Donald Trump one of its top priorities for post-Brexit Britain, but this latest revelation lays bare just what is at stake for our farmers and our public health. This is not a niche concern – the World Health Organisation and even former Chancellor George Osborne have warned against the routine overuse of antibiotics: it’s heavily associated with rising resistance to drugs as well as the evolution of seriously harmful “superbugs” leading to severe illness or even death. To take just one example, the use of the drug colistin in the pig industry is leading to a growing resistance of the drug in humans. Yet colistin is used to treat lung infections arising from Cystic Fibrosis, which several of my constituents, as well as my niece, suffer from. Brexit is not a zero-sum
I am pleased to have joined the Alzheimer’s Society’s Fix Dementia Care campaign. While there is no cure or effective treatment for this disease, hundreds of thousands of people with dementia in the UK rely on social care to help with daily tasks such as washing, eating and dressing. With an ageing population and increased prevalence of conditions such as dementia, it’s crucial that we provide the resources and reform our social care system requires. The Government must ensure the needs of those in receipt of social care, including for dementia, are addressed in the Green Paper due to be published this summer.
It’s great to be able to support the Food Foundation’s #vegpower campaign. Currently, 95.5% of teenagers and 80% of adults don’t eat enough veg – and consumption is still declining. This is partially because most vegetables are unbranded and don’t have access to big marketing budgets. So whilst there is huge amount of junk food advertising, there is relatively little for fruit and veg. The Food Foundation and I, as well as other MPs and celebrities including Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver, are therefore asking for the Government, growers and retailers to contribute to a pooled marketing fund. This will enable better advertising for fruit and veg, which will in turn drive up demand and consumption, as well as supporting our farmers.

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The week ahead

Week beginning 19th of February

Parliament returns from half-term recess on Tuesday, so Kerry is starting the week in Bristol, holding a surgery and meeting with representatives of the local Buddhist community.

Oral questions this week  include Foreign Office, Cabinet Office (at which Kerry has a question on public procurement), International Trade, Women & Equalities, and PMQs. On Tuesday it’s the Second Reading of the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill, on Wednesday it’s the Remaining Stages of the Finance Bill, and on Thursday there are debates on the role of disabled people in economic growth and the cancer strategy.

Kerry will be spending some time this week looking at non-public Brexit assessments in the specially designated reading room. She also has two sessions of the Environmental Audit Committee on Green Finance, and meetings with Ocado (on food policy), PEW (on marine protection) and Labour Together.  Kerry is also chairing a Forest Peoples Programme with environmental rights defenders from Latin America and Africa. Events include lunch with judges at the Old Bailey, a Tibetan New Year reception, a panel on “A Tale of Two Russias”, and the Daily Mirror’s reception to promote its “Law for Life” campaign, i.e. the Organ Donation Bill which is being debated in Parliament this Friday. Kerry will be staying to vote in favour of this Bill and then heading to Bristol. At the weekend her commitments include attending a Fuel Poverty event at Hillfields library. 

If you would like to contact Kerry or her office you can call during weekdays on 0117 939 9901 (between 10am and 1pm) or email at kerry.mccarthy.mp@parliament.uk.

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