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Welcome to my website. You can use this site to find out how to contact me, or to find out about me and Bristol East. 

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22 June 2017
This morning, during her statement on the Grenfell Tower fire, I asked Theresa May whether the Government will fund any fire safety works which Bristol City Council deem essential and, if they will, when they will pay for it.
After botching the general election she called, Theresa May has – thankfully – put most of her manifesto through the shredder, leaving very little for the Queen to read out today. Thanks to pressure from Labour, plans to bring back fox hunting, open more grammar schools, scrap winter fuel allowance and the triple-lock, most likely along with the dementia tax, have been shelved.
The UK voted to leave the EU, not the single market. I have signed a letter, along with more than 50 Labour MPs, MEPs and Peers, arguing that we should remain in the single market to protect jobs, trade, and rights, while, as we make clear, being free to impose restrictions on free movement.
After agreeing with the EU's timetable for talks, the Brexit Secretary David Davis must now settle the UK's divorce bill before moving onto other issues, like citizens' rights and keeping his promise for the UK to have the 'exact same benefits' after Brexit as we do now.
Since the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in London, and with dozens of people either dead or missing, many of you have been getting in touch, understandably concerned about fire regulations. This morning, I was with firefighters, councillors and Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol at Butler House – one of the four high-rise blocks in Bristol East – to reassure residents. All 59 council-owned blocks in the city will be visited over the next few weeks.
Kerry responds to the horrific attack near a mosque in London, and calls for continued vigilance and unity.
Today marks the anniversary of the murder of Jo Cox. My thoughts today are with her family, with Brendan and their two children, who, at such a young age, lost their mother in such a terrible way.

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The week ahead

Week beginning 18th April

Parliament returns today (18th April) after the Easter recess. MPs will, after Treasury Questions, be debating and voting on the Second Reading of the Finance Bill, with more detailed votes and amendments to come in future weeks at committee stage.

On Wednesday there will be an important vote on the PIP regulations, as well as questions to the Prime Minister. The EFRA Select Committee will be continuing its food waste inquiry, taking evidence from the Environment Minister, Therese Coffey. 

Kerry will be back in Bristol from Thursday for the start of the Fishponds McDonalds planning appeal, joining those who oppose the application at City Hall. She also has meetings lined up to discuss the Council's waste policy and the Mayor's Clean Streets Initiative, as well as her usual surgery and campaigning in the Metro Mayor elections.

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