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Welcome to my website. You can use this site to find out how to contact me, or to find out about me and Bristol East. 

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20 July 2017
Last week, Kerry launched Feeding Bristol - our local pilot of Feeding Bristol - to tackle food poverty in the city. Today, Kerry asked the MP representing the Church Commissioners in the House of Commons about the roles of churches in combating food poverty.
Tens of thousands of homes are without water, along with more than a dozen local primary schools, after a water main burst near Keynsham. People affected in Brislington, Stockwood, and elsewhere, can click here for updates from Bristol Water.
After a sustained campaign from parents and teachers, the Government promises £1.3bn extra for schools - though it won't arrive until 2018/19 and it's not clear where from. Kerry asks the Education Secretary to ensure sixth forms are fairly funded too.
The UK's ten Core Cities – which include Bristol, Birmingham, and Manchester – are home to 19 million people and responsible for 29% of UK trade exports. They need to have a voice in the UK's negotiating strategy for Brexit, Kerry says.
Plutus' appeal has been rejected - an important decision for air quality in Brislington, says Kerry.
The long-promised electrification of the Great Western line into Temple Meads was deferred last year, and although Government ministers have repeatedly refused to confirm or deny it, it seems clear that the electrification plans have now been ditched.
Local people are building a group to replace the previous Neighbourhood Partnership. If you live in Brislington, you would be welcome to come along on Monday evening.

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The week ahead

Week beginning 10th July

This week in Parliament there will be debates and possibly votes on the Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill and the Air Travel Organisers Licensing Bill, along with general debates in the main chamber on Grenfell Tower and the commemoration of Passchendaele. Debates in Westminster Hall include one calling for opt-out, rather than opt-in, organ donation, which Kerry hopes to speak in. Kerry is on the Order Paper to ask about the impact of Brexit on national security at Defence questions (Monday) and about the Sustainable Development Goals at DFID questions (Wednesday). This is also the week for FCO and Transport questions, as well as PMQs on Wednesday as usual.

Kerry will be having meetings or catching up in Parliament with PEW, the Oliver King Foundation, union reps from Rolls Royce, Redress (campaigning to free Andy Tsege), Action for Hearing Loss and others, as well as attending meetings of All-Party Groups on: Hunger; Ticket Abuse; Norway; Agriculture and Food for Development; and Fruit Farmers. 

In Bristol Kerry will be at City Hall on Friday for the first Feeding Bristol event, which has been a long time in planning, and stems from her work with the APPG Hunger and its Feeding Britain report, as well as holding her usual surgery and other meetings. At the weekend she will be attending the Tolpuddle festival in Dorset to take part in an MPs' panel.
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